Georgetown Cocktail

One of the duties of a bartender is coming up with the perfect drink for a customer who can’t make up their mind. One night behind the bar, a regular of mine came in raving about a new spirit he’d tried that weekend: Demerara rum. Native to Guyana, Demerara rum has a particularly earthy, almost burnt flavor – perfect for cocktails. I quickly grabbed my mixing glass, some go-to mixers, and out poured the Georgetown. This cocktail packs a punch, with earthy, smoky, bitter and floral qualities all rolled into one. Needless to say, I’ve made (and sipped on) quite a few of these in my day.

Georgetown Cocktail // HonestlyYUM

Georgetown Cocktail // HonestlyYUM


Ribeye Marinade

Generally speaking, I’m a steak purist. If I have a good cut of meat, I don’t want to cover and mask its flavor with superfluous sauces and marinades. But then I came across this marinade, a simple combination of anchovies, garlic, rosemary and lemon zest, and then I started to use it on all kinds of cuts– it’s especially delicious on a well-marbled ribeye. The ingredients subtly enhance the flavors of the beef without overpowering it and really makes the steak shine. This recipe makes enough marinade for a large ribeye steak, but you can double and eye-ball the measurements if you’re cooking up more steaks.

ribeye and salad

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Pantone Pairings

Illustrator and art director, David Schwen, has brought the way we conceptualize food to a whole new level. He has cleverly taken classic food pairings and shaped them into Pantone color chips. I first spotted his Pantone Pairings on his Instagram feed and totally fell in love with how creative yet simple each photo was. If you want your own Pantone Pairing, limited edition prints are available on his website. I think my favorite is the milk and cookies– what’s yours?





Hey Boo Coconut Jam

Coconut is having a bit of a moment. You can find coconut-anything just about anywhere, from coconut water to coconut oil. But, have you tried coconut jam yet? Also known as kaya (which hails from Southeast Asia), this delectable jam is so much more than simply jam. I fell in love with this stuff while I was in Singapore, where it’s spread on white toast with butter and topped with a runny egg. It sounds like a strange combination, but it blew my mind it was so good.  So when I came across Hey Boo coconut jam in the States, I was thrilled! Hey Boo Jams are sold mostly throughout the Bay Area, but you can order online and try their other flavors like Mango Coconut and Coconut Caramel. Coconut jam is incredible on just about anything that is edible, but my favorite way is still on toast with butter paired with runny eggs. Honestly, it’s the jam.

hey boo jam | HonestlyYUM

coconut jam | HonestlyYUM

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Shades Of Grey

My first home renovation is officially underway and I’m already faced with the overwhelming task of picking out the most important details of my soon to be favorite room: the kitchen. I’ve been inspired to step off the beaten path and go grey. It’s such a handsomely neutral color and I think it pairs especially well with white marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. But with the countless variations of grey, the only question remains . . . what shade?!





Strawberry Pisco Punch

Everybody loves punch. It’s fun, fruity and easy to drink. Best of all, where there’s punch there’s a party. I adapted this recipe from a cocktail my partner and I created back in my beverage catering days. It was always a big hit at events. Just like any well-made punch, it appeals to a variety of tastes. Unique enough to impress your guests, yet simple to prepare in advance, your friends will happily serve themselves a glass . . . or four.

Strawberry Pisco Punch // HonestlyYUM



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