Karen | Los Angeles, CA

Karen has lived in Los Angeles for most of her life and currently resides in Silver Lake. When not sharing what she cooks and eats on HonestlyYUM, Karen works as a corporate attorney doing… oh, you’re not here to learn about that! What you’re probably more interested in finding out is that her two passions are food and travel. She spends her days in LA searching out the best taco joint or eating in Koreatown.

Two of the follow statements about Karen are true, and one is a lie:

  • Has eaten ambergris, essentially whale poo.
  • Lived out of a 1980 VW Vanagon traveling through Mexico.
  • Is Erica Chan’s older sister.

When she’s not out eating, she’s cooking at home testing recipes and standing on her kitchen counters taking photos, thoroughly confusing her neighbors.