Grilled Green Bean Salad

May 25, 2018

It’s not even Memorial Day yet, and Clay and I have already started firing up the grill lately. I plan to exclusively cook on my grill outside this summer since we’re in the middle of a huge backyard remodel. Our yard has been neglected for the last 3 years we’ve lived at this house since we had to recover (or rather, our bank accounts had to recover) from the renovations we did to the inside of the house. I’m not posting any “before” photos here today, but let’s just say the yard is pretty much uninhabitable (which is why, for now, we’re grilling outside our front door :P). We have about 6-7 more weeks until the transformation is done and we get to spend all those hot LA summer nights lounging outside!

One more exciting thing to note before I get on with this salad. If you haven’t noticed, we shot our first recipe video!! We hope these videos will be useful in helping you make these recipes and (somewhat) fun to watch. There will be more of these videos coming so we’d love to hear what you think!

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Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

May 17, 2018

You might remember Fiona and I flipping through the pages of a gorgeous new cookbook a few weeks ago on Instagram stories. Well, that beautiful book just so happened to be, The Pretty Dish, by the talented Jessica Merchant. It contains over 150 recipes (including cocktails!!) . . . Fiona and I had our work cut out for us. We each bookmarked our favorite recipes, and naturally Fiona claimed the entire dessert section. But despite already enjoying several of the sweets (lemon cupcakes and chocolate crinkle sprinkle cookies come to mind), it’s this veggie sandwich that has really changed the game in our house.

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich | HonestlyYUM (

You see, Audrey is back on her bread-making spree. Except this time, she’s pumping out loaves of honey wheat bread. And trust me, it’s impossible not to eat a sandwich every, single, day, when there’s warm, fresh, fluffy bread just sitting there on the counter. Hence, the instant I came across Jessica’s Rainbow Veggie Sandwich, I was sold. Not to mention, Fiona was delighted by the colors, exclaiming, “I want to make a rainbow, Daddy!”  You don’t have to tell me twice. 🙂

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Piñata Wedding Cake

May 8, 2018

This coming weekend is very special for a couple reasons. First, Clay and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary! This past year has flown by and it felt like just a few months ago that we said our vows in Palm Springs with all our loved ones and jetted off to Sri Lanka and the Maldives on a trip of a lifetime for our honeymoon. Second, this weekend is also Mother’s Day and will be a particularly special one for us since I’m 23 weeks pregnant and will be a mommy soon!! Clay and I will be welcoming our little son September 2nd (or some day around then) and we cannot wait to kiss his cheeks and squeeze his little feet. Pregnancy has been such an incredible journey and every week that goes by we get more and more excited to meet our little baby.

Piñata Wedding Cake | HonestlyYUM (

Clay and I didn’t have a wedding cake at our wedding– yes a bit untraditional. Instead, we had fresh churros with dulce de leche and a huge wedding cake-shaped piñata. Clay and I beat the crap out of it after dinner and let out all our frustration and stress with wedding planning– it was so much fun! Today, we’re celebrating our one year anniversary with this cake version of our cake piñata! This tiered cake is made out of a brown butter cake with a Mexican chocolate frosting and fondant that is cut to look like the fringe on a piñata. The fondant uses a short cut technique by using store bought marshmallows and is such a time saver so if you’re intimidated by making fondant, don’t be!

Piñata Wedding Cake | HonestlyYUM (

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Local Favorite: Tacubaya

May 4, 2018

Karen and I credit our strong connection to Mexico, and its culture, to our childhood spent living in Los Angeles. Growing up, we probably ate as much Mexican food as we did Chinese, which explains why it’s, hands down, the food I love the most, crave the most. When I moved to the Bay Area nearly 10 years ago, I struggled with a different kind of Mexican fare. Sure, there were great burritos and upscale “inspired” cuisine but tacos . . . where were the tacos?!

Local Favorite: Tacubaya | HonestlyYUM (

Local Favorite: Tacubaya | HonestlyYUM (

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Green Pozole

May 1, 2018

Green pozole is one of my favorite soups– it is so hearty but fresh, flavorful and bright! This soup is packed with so much flavor and is a vibrant green from the tomatillos, fresh chiles, cilantro and pumpkin and sesame seeds. The best part of pozole, in my opinion, are the toppings. I just love a hot bowl of pozole topped with crunchy cabbage and radishes, creamy avocado and lots of extra cilantro and onion. Eat it together with a crunchy tostada and extra lime. It is the perfect spring time soup!

Green Pozole | HonestlyYUM (

This pozole is made with pork, which I prefer, but you could easily substitute the pork for chicken. Instead of using pork shoulder, use chicken legs. If you are using chicken legs, cut the simmer time to 30-40 minutes before adding the tomatillo mixture. Before serving, remove the meat from the thighs and discard the bones. The soup is actually very easy to make, but just requires a lot of fresh ingredients and time to cook the pork until tender, but the extra time is so worth it (and it’ll feed you for days)! Read More

Fog Point Vodka Martini

April 27, 2018

Sutro Tower in San Francisco holds a special place in my heart. Audrey spent four years at UCSF, located at the base of Mount Sutro. I was living in Berkeley, and although our schedules didn’t allow us to spend much time together back then, it always put a smile on my face to look out across the bay and see Sutro Tower peaking out above the fog.

Fog Point Vodka Martini | HonestlyYUM (

You can imagine my excitement when I heard about the new Fog Point Vodka release from Hangar 1. It’s the 2nd addition to the, “Made of California” series for Fog Point Vodka, in collaboration with Pine Ridge Vineyards (their Chenin Blanc + Viognier blend is used in the distillation), and FogQuest (who helped install the fog catchers).

Fog Point Vodka Martini | HonestlyYUM ( | @Hangar1Vodka and #Hangar1Vodka and #FogPointVodka

All of the water that goes into Fog Point (which makes a whopping 60% of the vodka!!) is sourced directly from Northern California fog! I know . . . so cool, right?! FogQuest installed fog collectors at the base of Sutro Tower to collect water straight out of the coastal marine layer.

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Fog Point: Vodka Made From California Fog

April 27, 2018

Bay Area folks know that Sutro Tower conveniently acts as the gatekeeper between foggy San Francisco, and sunny San Francisco. That thick, misty marine layer never shies away from creeping its way up the hillside. Mount Sutro, besides being a protector of sunnier neighborhoods (I’m looking at you, Cole Valley) , also happens to be the perfect place for a fog catcher! Which brings me to some exciting news.

That’s right, Hangar 1 Vodka has just launched their second addition of Fog Point Vodka! The project is a collaboration between Hangar 1, Pine Ridge Vineyards (their Chenin Blanc + Viognier blend is used in the distillation), and FogQuest (who helped install the fog catchers).

Last week, I was invited to visit Sutro Tower to see the fog catchers in person, and hear Hangar 1’s head distiller, Caley Shoemaker, and FogQuest volunteer Chris Fogliatti, explain the process of catching fog and converting it to drinkable water.

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