Coffee Jelly

September 19, 2018

How have I– the coffee fanatic– just discovered the existence of coffee jelly?! I was falling down an Instagram worm-hole the other day and stumbled across a photo of coffee jelly and my mind was blown. This popular Japanese drink is exactly what it sounds like: coffee flavored jelly that is usually served with sweetened milk. It’s like jello for adults! Of course, I had to make some for myself since I don’t know of any place around me that sells coffee jelly and I needed to try it ASAP. The recipe couldn’t be easier. It is a simple mix of unflavored gelatin and coffee. This cold coffee drink was a welcome reprieve from the summer heat and so fun to eat– I hope you give this a try!

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St. Agur and Fig Crackers

September 11, 2018

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese. There are some that are a little too pungent for my liking and that “blue” flavor is so strong sometimes that, for my palate, it really needs to be balanced and rounded-out with other contrasting flavors. So I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to partner with the French Ministry of Agriculture and work with one of my favorite cheeses– St. Agur. St. Agur is made in the Auvergne region of central France and has a subtle “blue” and more of a butter flavor with a soft smooth texture. St. Agur goes really well with a sweet preserve so I took this classic cheese pairing and turned it into a simple cracker made from St. Agur cheese, President butter with a dollop of thick fig preserve in the center. These crackers are rich, flakey and buttery and pair perfectly with a bold red wine– I’ve paired these with a fruity and oaky red Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend from Les Vignobles Andre Lurton. I hope you’ll give these decadent crackers a try and bring a bit of France home into your kitchen!

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Romesco Pasta Salad

September 4, 2018

Romesco is one of my favorite sauces and the perfect antidote for when you’re getting tired of the ordinary tomato sauce pasta. Unlike tomato sauce, romesco is mainly made from sweet roasted bell pepper and just a few other simple ingredients: almonds, garlic, tomato, sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. You’ll likely have some left over romesco (depending on how the type of pasta you use and how much pasta you use) and you can use it on so many things. During the summer, I love to spoon it over roasted or grilled veggies and steak. It is bright and full of so much flavor!

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Black Truffle Almonds + Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Mix

August 27, 2018
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This post was created in partnership with Blue Diamond Almonds

It’s been freezing here in the Bay Area. Okay, that might be slight exaggeration but after a bout of hot, summery weather, we’ve been hit with chilly, dreary weather all week long. And as much as it might sound like I’m complaining, I’m actually welcoming this reprieve from the heat – especially since this week also marked the first week of Kindergarten for our little guy. School has started, it feels like Fall, my emotions are all over the place and heck, I’m trying my best to embrace it all. In desperate need of some comfort, I thought this was the perfect time to build a little cheese platter to celebrate this transitional time. I’ve been obsessed with Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet Almonds in the Black Truffle flavor and had the idea to mix it up with the addition of another personal favorite, roasted shiitake mushrooms. If you’re a mushroom lover, you’ll love this earthy, umami, and fragrant combination. A handful of this, paired with your favorite cheese and some truffle honey and figs and wow, all those worries and sorrows seem to just wash away.

Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms

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Nectarine Tart

August 22, 2018

I know what you’re probably thinking – yes, we just posted a peach cobbler recipe last week! Well, I’m not one to shy away from baked goods – especially during stone fruit season. For me, it doesn’t get much better than a warm slice of stone fruit tart, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Dessert perfection! Nectarines work beautifully here, but peaches or apricots would be lovely as well.

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Creamy Horchata Iced Coffee

August 20, 2018

You know me – black coffee all day, everyday. On the rare occasion I tinker with my caffeine intake I make it a point to enjoy something extra special, like this creamy horchata iced coffee with cold foam! It’s been a painfully hot summer here in California (I’m looking at you Los Angeles), and I’d be lying if I said that a steaming cup of coffee isn’t challenging at times. That’s where the cold foam comes into play.

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Peach Biscuit Cobbler

August 14, 2018

I’m apologizing in advance. The photos I’m publishing on this peach biscuit cobbler do not do it justice. The pictures don’t show you how deliciously moist and crumbly the biscuits are and how perfectly the bottoms soak up that sweet peach and vanilla syrup. Or how the tops brushed with extra syrup and sprinkled with turbinado sugar provide the best crunch in contrast to the cold vanilla ice cream that is a mandatory option (yes, optional, but totally mandatory).

Peach Biscuit Cobbler | HonestlyYUM ( #recipes #baking #cobbler #peaches

When I think of quintessential summer flavors and textures, this dish is it. The recipe is simple to follow and the only thing that really takes some attention is the biscuit topping, but I promise even that is pretty easy to pull together. Take advantage of what’s left of those gorgeous summer peaches and make this ASAP! Read More

Che Fico, a Trick Dog Cocktail

August 8, 2018

Many of you are probably familiar with the bar, Trick Dog, in San Francisco. Not only is Trick Dog known for its delicious cocktails (more on that in a bit), but likewise for its incredibly creative bi-annual cocktail menus. Some notable past menus have included: pantone color swatches, Zodiac signs, Chinese takeout menu, local SF artist murals, and Trick Dog Airways. Recently, Trick Dog launched menu number 12, the Joy of Cocktails . . . a true celebration of chefs everywhere.

Che Fico, a Trick Dog Cocktail // HonestlyYUM (

The menu contains 13 cocktails named for 13 different San Francisco restaurants. Each cocktail is directly inspired by each chef (16 in total; there are a few duos) and their cuisine, drinking preferences, culinary philosophy, etc. Some names include: Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski (State Bird Provisions), Brandon Jew (Mr. Jiu’s), Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), as well as the cocktail I bring you today, perhaps San Francisco’s most buzz-worthy chef/restaurant . . . David Nayfeld (Che Fico).

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