Erica | Oakland, CA
Erica¬†Chan Coffman’s lifelong passion for design and craft comes from her extensive background in jewelry design and her experience working in the art industry in New York City. Upon her return to California, where she was born and raised, she founded HonestlyWTF in 2010. A couple of years later, inspired by her love of cooking and entertaining, she launched HonestlyYUM with fellow foodies, Karen Chan and Todd Wagner. She lives in Oakland with her husband and 2 kids, Quincy and Coco.

Two of the follow statements about Erica are true, and one is a lie:

  • Almost made Martha Stewart say the F word on live television.
  • Is Karen Chan’s younger sister.
  • Detests cooked carrots.
Please reach out to Erica to say, grab some margaritas and street tacos, or you ever need help assembling a killer cheese platter. Just don’t ask me to bake you a cake.