Salmon Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Ah, pavlova. There's something about that sweet, airy and delicate crisp meringue crust, served with rich whipped cream and fresh fruit, that makes this dessert my all time favorite.


Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

One of my favorite things about winter is the abundance of savory, satisfying, all-in-one baked meals. One that my family absolutely loves during the holidays is Turkey Shepherd’s Pie. Roast turkey, hearty vegetables, herbs and mashed potatoes are layered inside a 7×11 inch Pyrex Deep, which holds 50% more than your current baked glassware, and […]

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Chicken Kale White Bean Soup

I have made more variations of this soup than I can count. It’s hearty and flavorful with the soul-soothing goodness of chicken broth. This time I’ve made this with Jennie-O ground chicken, which is browned with onions and garlic and simmered with spicy chile de arbol and fragrant lemon zest. I guarantee this soup will […]

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Cardamom Cinnamon Rolls

I like cinnamon, but I LOVE cardamom. I never understood why rolls only had to have cinnamon in them, why not add other complementary spices that go well with cinnamon? I’m known to sneak cardamom into desserts whenever I can so, of course, I had to put a cardamom twist on my favorite cinnamon roll […]

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Strawberry Snacks

Summer is right around the corner and that means strawberry season is upon us! Fragrant red California strawberries are everywhere. Our family will be snacking on strawberries all summer since they’re low in sugar and high in vitamin C. It is a great treat, especially for kids. My 7 month old already loves gnawing on […]

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My Honeymoon in the Maldives

Granola-Crusted Yogurt Fruit Tart

So this looks pretty impressive right? Well, the reality is that this Granola-Crusted Yogurt Fruit Tart is just a granola, yogurt and fruit parfait. For brunch entertaining, I love the idea of a simple classic breakfast dish reformatted into something more elevated and elegant. The crust is a simple granola recipe that is baked into […]

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Adzuki bean brownies

These brownies have no flour or refined sugar. Adzuki (also known as red beans) replace all the flour you would ordinarily find in brownies. You would never know it. As dense as beans sound, they offer a fluffy texture that lightens the brownie batter, much like wheat flour does. I absolutely love adzuki beans and they are so nutritious but if you can’t find any or don’t want to go through the hassle of cooking them from dried beans, you can substitute with black beans. These are decadent, fudgey and rich in that chocolate that I know you crave!

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Deviled Eggs

These are not your traditional deviled eggs, but they have classic deviled egg flavors, and in my opinion– better texture. I just love the velvety and thick runny egg yolk, so I thought why turn them into crumbly hard yolks only to smooth them out again with mayo? Also, these are easier to make. Each […]

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Visiting Bath, England

Our journey continues onto Somerset, just about 97 miles west of London, to a little town called Bath. As you might know, it’s best known for its Roman Baths which were once used for public bathing and now considered one of the best preserved Roman sites in the world. And in a town as small […]

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