Baked Egg Tartlets

Erica and I are totally obsessed with eggs and not so coincidentally so is our mom, who is the most supportive mom any two girls could ask for! So as a small– minuscule– token of my appreciation, I always make sure to include an egg dish in our Mother’s Day brunch tradition. Baking eggs are a great way to entertain for brunch without having to stand over the stove flipping eggs, but you just need to keep a watchful eye on the eggs as they can overcook quickly. Normally, I bake them in ramekins, but for a special occasion like Mother’s Day I like to make them in mini tart shells and add a heart-shaped parmesan crisp!

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DIY Dessert Stand

I’ve been wanting to make my own tiered dessert stand for awhile now. However, the risk of potentially cracking perfectly precious vintage plates was seriously limiting my motivation. So after much research and time spent at the hardware store, I’ve found a foolproof way to safely drill holes into porcelain. You’ll need a power drill and perhaps another set of hands but trust me, it’s totally worth it and actually super easy. Plus, they make fabulous gifts for mom!


You’ll need:

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Mother’s Day With Joy The Baker

Celebrating mom is always a special occasion because, let’s be honest, where would we be without them?! So when our friend and food blogger extraordinaire Joy Wilson of Joy The Baker suggested we join forces on a week long collaboration of Mother’s Day themed recipes, inspired by mom’s favorite colors, we were immediately on board. We all came together with our creations and designed a beautiful table spread inspired by the four inspiration colors: pink, lavender, yellow, and cream. For the next few days, we’ll be sharing recipes and a DIY that is sure to make this year’s brunch utterly delightful and ambrosial!



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Compartés Chocolatier

I’ve been hearing about Compartés Chocolatier and Jonathan Grahm for several years now. But it wasn’t until a recent trip to LA and a visit to their store that I finally had a chance to taste the goods. Was the chocolate delicious? You bet! But what almost made more of an impression on me was the art of Compartés. Whether it was the creative combination of ingredients (white chocolate, rosemary, olive), the beautiful packaging, and even the design of the chocolate bars themselves, everything is done with an artful eye. I was particularly intrigued by their World Series (no, not a baseball reference). The Aztec Jungle bar had me loving life. Milk chocolate and mole . . . yes please!



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When it comes to micheledas, everyone you ask is likely to have their own take on this traditional Mexican beer drink, or cerveza preparada. Recipes vary depending on region, as well of course on personal preference. All versions call for a Mexican lager of choice, lime juice and salt. After that, it can get a bit controversial. On one end of the scale you have the minimalists: beer, salt and lime. While on the other end, ingredients often consist of tomato juice, hot sauce, orange juice, fresh peppers, worcestershire and even clamado. Myself? I like to keep it simple, turning up the heat with just a bit of ground chile de árbol. What’s your favorite michelada recipe? Is it a family recipe, specific to a certain region, or simply from a favorite restaurant or bar? I would love for you to share! READ MORE

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