Boursin Cheese Platter

A hearty cheese platter is probably the easiest and most impressive course to assemble, which is why it’s one of my favorite things to serve when entertaining. And guess what? Sometimes, it can be the only hors d’oeuvre you’ll need and it doesn’t even require a variety of cheese. Serving a single cheese is plenty sufficient. Boursin® Cheese, for example, has the perfect creamy and crumbly texture and is versatile enough to pair with just about any accompaniments – just be sure to include a bountiful assortment to inspire your guests to taste interesting and surprisingly delicious combinations! Check out a few of our pairing suggestions after the jump . . .

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Pomegranate | HonestlyYUM

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Beef Short Ribs Braised in a Bottle of Wine

There are some recipes that I’ve made so many times, that they morph and seem to get better and better each time despite never measuring any ingredients or writing down any of the variations. I originally got this recipe from Suzanne Goin’s Lucques cookbook but I’ve made a few changes to it and have been cooking it this way ever since. That’s the thing I love about cooking– editing as you go along! The ribs are braised in an entire bottle of wine that is reduced into this thick flavorful reduction that goes so well with the fatty richness of the beef short ribs. Of course, you must serve this with the best mashed potatoes ever. I know that’s a bold claim but these are some bold potatoes. They’re no Robuchon potatoes, but they also don’t have a pound of butter in them. They’re pretty fantastic if you ask me and the combination of the fall-apart ribs with creamy potatoes is what winter dreams are made of!

Braised short ribs with mashed potatoes

Short ribs braised in wine

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Farmgirl Flowers Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered in our 12 Days Of Giveaways! We had so much fun spreading the love, with 12 of our favorite products, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to end the holiday cheer. So today, we’re extending our series with a 13th giveaway from our friends at Farmgirl Flowers! We love how Farmgirl Flowers is changing the online floral industry by sourcing affordable, seasonal flowers from US growers and local farmers. Their signature eco-friendly burlap wrapped bouquets are always stylish and beautifully arranged. So you’ve guessed it. We’re giving away a large burlap floral bouquet and a “bestie box” which includes: a seasonal candle from P.F. Candle Co., an adorable little air plant, lip balm and body scrub from Etta + Billie, a charcoal mask from Aenon’s, super addictive spicy caramel corn from CC Made, a pistachio toffee mini from Alma, and a fleur de sel dark chocolate bar from Dick Taylor. Get ready to get pampered! To enter, leave a comment below, check out all the behind the scenes action on Farmgirl Flowers’ Instagram account and a winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, December 16th – just in time for a holiday delivery! **Limited to US residents only. ***CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO LIZ LEON!


Spanish Coffee + Nespresso

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time for me to step up my beverage game. As always, Audrey and I will be doing quite a bit of entertaining this season, and if I know my friends and family, there will be no shortage of cocktail requests. One of my favorite cocktails to showcase this time of year is Spanish coffee. A little overproof rum, caramelized sugar and hot coffee never fails to keep everyone warm and cozy. The issue I’ve had with making Spanish coffee for my guests in the past is keeping fresh, hot coffee at the ready. Thankfully, this year I’m calling on my Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo to do the heavy lifting for me. With my Evoluo I can quickly prepare a perfect cup of coffee or authentic espresso (topped with a silky crema) at the touch of a button. The best part is it’s fresh, hot, and of the utmost quality. Nespresso knows exactly what beans they’re buying, where they come from, how they’ve been grown, and what they will taste like in the final cup. In addition, every single Nespresso capsule can be recycled. How cool is that?! As someone who’s equally serious about my craft, especially when sharing that experience with my guests, I appreciate that type of passion and commitment. You too can experience a cup above with your guests this holiday season. Grab some coffee, a cocktail perhaps, and lets celebrate together!!

Spanish Coffee + Nespresso // HonestlyYUM

Spanish Coffee + Nespresso // HonestlyYUM

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Gift Guide 2015: The Bartender

Once again, the holiday season is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’re ready for a drink. After all, Fiona is approaching 16 months and practically guaranteed to pull down our Christmas tree. This annual gift guide for the bartender/drink lover has quickly become my favorite piece of the year. It’s where I send all my friends and family when they ask me for gift ideas. Plus, putting it together is always a blast! I pour myself a glass of eggnog, throw on some holiday tunes, slip on a big comfy sweater, and get to work. As always, I tried my best to represent a wide range of gifts – both in price and in function. All of which I’d be more than happy to find under the (soon-to-be-broken) tree. Just sayin’ . . . Holiday Gift Guide 2015: The Bartender READ MORE

Winter Crostini

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about holiday entertaining, it’s to keep it simple. If anything, it’ll at least save your sanity – especially during this time of year. Crostini is one our favorite things to assemble for gatherings and we love the idea of experimenting with different combinations based on what is fresh and seasonal. Here are some examples of winter-inspired combinations that are sure to please you and your guests at your next holiday fête!

Winter Crostini | HonestlyYUM

Roast beets and lightly season with olive oil, salt and pepper. Pair with an aged milk goat cheese, like Humboldt Fog’s Cypress Grove, arugula and toasted hazelnuts.

Winter Crostini | HonestlyYUM

Top a creamy burrata with small wedges of fuyu persimmons, pomegranate seeds, a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and ripped basil.

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