Cantaloupe Panzanella

The star fruit in a classic panzanella is the tomato. The juices of the tomato soak into dried toasted bread turning the bread into a sponge of delicious summer flavors (except with better texture than an actual sponge). Panzanella is a traditional Tuscan salad and this time I’ve swapped out a few of the ingredients for some untraditional but equally as delicious ingredients. For starters, the cantaloupe is the highlight here. The key to this salad is finding good quality cantaloupe. I think a Tuscan cantaloupe has more of that sweet musky flavor and is usually juicier. You want a juicy flavorful cantaloupe so that the juices soak into the bread. I’ve also added some cured meats like hard salami and prosciutto, but of course, if you wanted to keep this vegetarian you can omit them and the dish would still be just as delicious. The recipe is imprecise but that’s what I love most about casual summer cooking– taste as you go and adjust according to your preferences!

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Frito Pie Hot Dogs

For this Fourth of July weekend, I bring you a pie, but not any pie — a Frito pie, which actually isn’t a pie at all. Fritos are smothered in chili and topped with shredded cheese, authentically served straight from the Frito bag. I thought why not make this American classic even more American and serve it over grilled hot dogs!!! I’m pretty proud– it’s officially the best idea I’ve ever had. I tried out this monstrosity over Memorial Day weekend and trust me, there is no other way to eat a hot dog. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope it’s filled with lots of fireworks, beer and Frito pie hot dogs!

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Beet and Black Pepper Star Crackers

Fourth of July is one of those holidays I love to entertain for. It’s always perfect barbecue and day-drinking weather and who doesn’t love fireworks. The 10-year-old in me still can’t help but get overly-excited at firework finales. To celebrate one of my favorite holidays, I partnered with Boursin and put together an elegant and red-white-and-blue fruit and cheese spread with homemade star-shaped crackers. These flatbread type crackers are naturally colored with beets and go perfect with Boursin® Pepper Cheese. My favorite combination is a slice of the Pepper Boursin on the beet and pepper cracker, topped with fruit and honey– pepper, honey and cheese is an incredible combination! These crackers are very easy to make too. The ingredients are combined in a food processor and they bake for about 5 minutes and they are left in the oven for about 30 minutes to crisp up in the residual heat. If you don’t want to bother with the star-shapes you can also roll out and bake each piece into large oval flatbreads and break them into smaller pieces for a more rustic cracker. Either way, pair these with some Boursin Pepper Cheese and summer berries and you have yourself a classy and delicious Fourth of July spread!


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Watermelon Mint Popsicles + Prosecco

I love having a summer birthday (today is my birthday!). Los Angeles has been in a serious heat wave and I’m just loving all the sun, heat and frozen desserts. One of my favorites summer treats are fruit popsicles, but it is nearly impossible to find fruit popsicles that are pure, unadulterated and unsweetened. Honestly, just try it. If you read the label, there will almost always be added sugar, which is fine, but if you’re trying to avoid that, you don’t have a lot of options. So the extra effort to make your own popsicles is worth the effort– although there is minimal work involved in these. Watermelon has enough natural sugar that you don’t need to add extra sweetener, but of course you could. I combined the sweet watermelon with mint which makes this both sweet and refreshing. And to make these the ultimate birthday popsicles, I poured prosecco over them. Happy birthday to me!


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A Lesson In Olive Oil With Cobram Estate

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a delightful bottle of olive oil. So when Cobram Estate invited us to Australia to experience their 2016 olive harvest first hand, we jumped at the opportunity. Here is our globetrotting friend and occasional collaborator Orissa Stewart Rose with the rundown of her week down under:

For many of us, olive oil is part of everyday life – we eat it, cook with it and sometimes use it for body care. But how many of us really know what it means when the oil bottle says ‘Cold Pressed’ or understand the importance of the ‘Extra Virgin’ distinction? Despite my affection for olive oil, I am no expert, so jumped at the chance to visit a premier olive oil producer during harvest season. Part education intensive and part eating marathon, my week in Southern Australia with a crew of Cobram Estate growers and enthusiasts was one I won’t soon forget. A mix of passionate Aussies and fun loving Americans, Cobram Estate Olive Oil is an Australian heritage brand that is quickly making its mark on the American olive oil market through new products and groves in Northern California. To understand what it takes to make their internationally acclaimed EVOO, we visited Cobram’s nursery, groves and bottling facility . . . and now you can be an expert too!




Dolores Cocktail

Soooo, I’ve been on a serious margarita kick lately this year. It’s hard for me to pass up that frosty lime and tequila combo, especially on a warm Friday evening. And still, every now and then I’m in the mood for something a bit more serious – something spiritous. This week was one of those times. As I sat on the couch watching the Warriors struggle to make a shot, I found myself craving a drink that packed a punch. I ventured out to my liquor cabinet (aka the garage) to check out the options. I returned a few minutes later, arms full of spirits and liqueurs. Each one vastly different, however, complimentary in flavor. You see, cocktails are all about balance. Similar to how a margarita is the perfect mix of sweet, sour, salty, and tequila-y (that’s a word I swear!), a spiritous cocktail should be balanced in its own right. For example, rather than counter the sweetness with sour notes, I used bitter and spicy flavors. The resulting cocktail is strong but smooth, and fabulously complex; truly greater than the sum of its parts, as any good cocktail should be.

Dolores Cocktail // HonestlyYUM

Dolores Cocktail // HonestlyYUM


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