Vegan Green Dressing + Crudités

I don’t think I need to tell you that this crudités platter is a showstopper. What is less obvious is how incredible this green vegan dip is. The recipe is actually a riff on the tofu sauce from one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants The Green Temple in Redondo Beach. The dressing can be used as a dip for vegetables, as a creamy dressing for salads, or a sauce for a bowl of whole grains, legumes and vegetables. This sauce will make anything taste heartier and more flavorful. If you’re like me, you’ll literally be licking the bowl clean.

Crudite platter and dip | HonestlyYUM

When it comes to assembling a crudités platter, just remember to choose vegetables with a variety of colors and textures. This time I added a couple of vegetables not commonly associated with crudités: mushrooms and padrón  peppers. The padrón peppers were probably my favorite!

Crudite platter

There are some unique ingredients for this recipe like nutritional yeast and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, but I recommend buying these as you can use them to add a ton of flavor in any vegetable dish. For a simple weeknight meal, I like to sauté cruciferous vegetables and add a small splash of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as an alternative to salt.

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Rob Roy in a Flask

Just because you’re out camping, doesn’t mean you have to skip happy hour! One trick I like to use is to fill my flask with not just my favorite spirit, but a premixed cocktail. A couple things to keep in mind: it’s best to choose a cocktail that is completely spiritous, as in, it contains no juices, purees or other perishable non-alcoholic ingredients (sorry margaritas). Here I made the classic Rob Roy cocktail. Trust me, from now on you’ll be one happy camper!!

Cocktail in a Flask by HonestlyYUM

This recipe is enough to fill an 8 oz flask, or the equivalent of two cocktails.

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Camp Pineapple Upside Down Cake

No camping trip is complete without dessert. And yes, it is possible to make something other than s’mores. Take, for example, this pineapple upside-down cake. Sure, it’s canned pineapple and boxed cake mix, but this is a practical recipe that you can easily make when camping. (And I secretly really love cake from a box– Funfetti cake anyone?). Of course, in keeping with HonestlyYUM tradition, I’ve added rum to the cake.

Dutch oven pineapple upside down cake | HonestlyYUM

I suggest you line your Dutch oven with foil because cleaning the sticky caramel from cast iron in the outdoors is a real pain. I’ve also omitted the classic maraschino cherries in the center of the pineapple because I’m not a fan of them, but of course, you can add them in.

Dutch oven pineapple upside down cake

Just make sure to check the instructions on your boxed cake mix and don’t forget to pick up those ingredients, which is typically eggs, oil, and water.

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Camping Essentials

Even though I’ve been camping plenty of times, I’ve only recently started my own collection of camping gear. I have most of the essentials, but I always find myself wanting to add more things like a coffee percolator and marshmallow forks. You know, things that are very important to survival, such as a sandwich iron.

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St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur

Sometimes waking up at the crack of dawn in a tent in the middle of the woods can take its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping. In fact, it’s probably my favorite activity, right behind drinking coffee and happy hour! So if you’re like me and happen to need a little extra warmth while you’re out there “roughing it” perhaps try a splash of St. George’s NOLA Coffee Liqueur. If you consider yourself a bit more sophisticated – not really a hair of the dog person? No worries! Maybe try mixing it into your hot chocolate while you’re huddled around the campfire. Or drizzle it over some ice cream for a boozy affogato at your next dinner party! Case in point, this stuff is Magical (yes, with a capital “M”). Unlike other coffee liqueurs you may have tried, it’s not cloying and syrupy. Rather, the perfect amount of sweetness, with a NOLA-sized kick of chicory. Thank you again, St. George, the Dude most certainly abides . . .

St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur by HonestlyYUM

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Camp Chili & Cornbread

Although it rarely happens nowadays, I love getting into the great outdoors. Nothing is more satisfying than coming back to a big camp fire after a long day of hiking and making a hearty meal. Last weekend a few friends and I went camping in Yosemite and we went a little overboard with the food, spending more time cooking and eating than doing anything else. I made this dutch oven chili and cornbread and it was a hit! The spicy and smokey chili soaks into the bottom of the sweet cornbread. Everything goes into one big pot and the only item that needs to be kept on ice is the beef and egg and milk for the cornbread. I used an 8-quart dutch oven for this meal, but if you have a smaller one, you can just cut down the ingredients. The whole point of this dish is for it to be easy. Also, I recommend seeking out chipotle powder if you can. It gives the chili a smokey flavor and a kick of heat!

Cast iron chili with corn bread

This is the only time you’ll ever see me condoning the use of boxed cornbread. But really, Jiffy boxed cornbread makes for pretty amazing camp grub.

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