Midsummer Cocktail

No party is complete without cocktails. That is, at least not an HonestlyYUM party! So that’s exactly what I have for you today – the perfect cocktail to celebrate Midsummer. When coming up with a recipe, it was important for me to embrace the flavors and ingredients of a traditional Northern European Midsummer celebration. Aquavit instantly came to mind. I’ve been dying to use aquavit in a cocktail ever since chatting with Molly Yeh about her wedding drinks. I used an aquavit that had warm flavors of anise and caraway. Naturally I also mixed in some sherry for nuttiness, and elderflower liqueur for floral and citrus notes. The resulting cocktail is intricate, well-balanced, and oh-so-elegant. Let the celebration begin!

A Midsummer Cocktail with Aquavit, Sherry, and Elderflower Liqueur | honestlyyum.com @honestlyyum

A Midsummer Cocktail with Aquavit, Sherry, and Elderflower Liqueur | honestlyyum.com @honestlyyum READ MORE

Strawberry Elderflower Chiffon Cake

Summer solstice is nearly upon us, which gives us plenty of reason to partake in the season’s most fairytale-like celebration. We recently called upon the lovely Leslie Santarina, of Spotted SF, to help dream up the ultimate Midsummer festivity- we’re talking flower crowns, strawberry cake, a Swedish smörgåsbord, and elderflower infused cocktails, friends! So here I am, launching our week of Midsummer-inspired recipes with an elderflower scented chiffon cake, layered with fresh strawberries and boozy whipped cream. It’s light, fluffy, floral . . . it epitomizes summer.

Strawberry Elderflower Chiffon Cake by HonestlyYUM

Strawberry Elderflower Chiffon Cake by HonestlyYUM READ MORE

Yum, We Love . . . Donuts!

To say I love donuts is an understatement. I adore donuts. When I was 5, my “birthday cake” was a box of Dunkin’ Donuts topped with birthday candles. I don’t remember most of my birthday cakes, but I’ll always remember that one. Personally, I’m more of a cake donut fan, but I will happily eat a maple bar or a classic glazed any day. So today’s roundup is dedicated to those delicious fried inner tubes of dough. Happy National Donut Day!



Angostura Phosphate and a Trio of Floats Collaboration

For today’s recipe I teamed up with a few of my favorite people — Sarah from Snixy Kitchen and Alanna from The Bojon Gourmet. Not only are Sarah and Alanna incredibly talented food bloggers, but they’re also two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. When we decided to collaborate on a recipe, we knew it had to be tasty and it had to to fun. Sarah was kind enough to whip up a batch of her vegan vanilla bean ice cream, and then each of us contributed our own bubbly creations. Sarah crafted a stunning Hibiscus Ginger soda, while Alanna made a dreamy Cherry Bourbon Cacao Nib soda. As for myself, I geeked it up with a true soda fountain classic: the Angostura Phosphate.

Angostura Phosphate + A Trio of Floats | HonestlyYUM

Let’s talk about the Soda Fountain for a second, shall we? No, not the kitschy 1950’s, family-friendly version that you see in the movies. I’m talking the old school, 19th century pharmaceutical operation. You see, back then the pharmacists controlled the bubbles, and as a result, some pretty serious concoctions were being poured. More than a few of these fizzy, sugar-laden beverages contained other popular “medicinal” ingredients, such as cocaine and morphine, to name a few. Let’s just say that developing a soda habit wasn’t too uncommon in those days. For much more detail on this fascinating subject, as well as a impressive glossary of long forgotten fountain drinks, I highly recommend Darcy Oneil’s, Fix the Pumps.

Angostura Phosphate + A Trio of Floats | HonestlyYUM

So I ask you, what’s more fun than a trio of floats?! Answer: a trio of floats video! That’s right, we even filmed a video. Don’t forget to catch the bloopers!


Negroni Week

We’re only days away from one of my favorite weeks of the year . . . Negroni Week!! Let me explain. Since 2013, Campari has teamed up with Imbibe Magazine to celebrate one of the most perfect cocktails and in doing so, raise money for charitable causes around the world. This year, from June 1 through June 7, over 2600 bars around the world will mix up their favorite negroni variations, with a portion of proceeds from each cocktail sold going to a charity of their choice. Which brings me to a very special piece of news . . .

This year, I’m thrilled to announce that HonestlyYUM will be hosting our very own Negroni Week party next Friday, June 5th at the one and only Sassafras in Los Angeles, CA. Come join us from 6-8pm, where each negroni served will benefit Inspire Artistic Minds, a charitable organization that provides scholarships and educational experiences to advance the arts in the areas of taste, sight and sound. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am – hanging out at one of my favorite bars in Los Angeles, negronis flowing, raising money for charity, and a chance to hang out with — you! So if you’re in Los Angeles next Friday and thirsty for a couple cocktails, grab some friends (21+ of course) come on over to Sassafras, say hi and have a drink for charity. The more the merrier!

Dry Rye Negroni by HonestlyYUM for #NegroniWeek

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite negroni variation of late: the dry rye negroni. St. George dry rye gin is crafted with a base of 100% pot-distilled rye, and often touted as the whiskey lovers gin. You might think of it as a boulevardier/negroni hybrid. I, however, simply think of it as delicious.

Negroni in Motion by HonestlyYUM for #NegroniWeek READ MORE

Silken Tofu and Scrambled Eggs with Ikura

There’s nothing more comforting than a simple breakfast of eggs. This dish is so basic, but the combination of scrambled eggs, silky tofu and salty ikura is just the best. The key to making good scrambled eggs is to keep stirring the pan with a wooden spoon to create small curds and to cook the eggs on low heat. You should also remove the pan from the heat well before you think the eggs are done as the residual heat will finish cooking the eggs to the perfect consistency. I hope you love this combination as much as I do!

Soft tofu and scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs READ MORE

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