Pumpkin Butter

You would think something as delicious as pumpkin butter shouldn’t be reserved for a single season. It’s basically pumpkin pie in a jar – but without all the fat and sugar. So you can imagine how slathering pumpkin butter on toast or pairing it with yogurt and granola in the morning makes for the most decadent treat – and something that should be enjoyed all year round. And you’ll be surprised to see how incredibly easy it is to make. I’ll give you a hint: slow cooker.

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Old Cuban

Even on a crisp, blustery autumn evening there’s always time for a rum cocktail or two at my house. The Old Cuban is an elegant, and dare I say sophisticated libation, created by Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club fame. Sweet and sour notes are celebrated in a way that rum fans knows and love. Some call it a contemporary classic, but I just call it cocktail perfection.

Old Cuban Cocktail by HonestlyYUM

Start by adding the mint leaves and simple syrup to the bottom of your mixing glass.

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Bone Brittle Candy

I’m calling this candy “bone brittle” even though it’s not technically brittle– this is (and also amazing). But, the pockets of air and shards of sugar in this honeycomb candy remind me of the porous cross-section of brittle bones, so . . . there you go! But what’s even more fun than eating this honeycomb is making it. The recipe is pure science– the addition of baking soda to the hot molten sugar makes it begin to foam and bubble up . So it’s time to get all mad scientist and have some fun with that Halloween candy!!

Bone brittle candy | HonestlyYUM

I packaged the bags in cellophane bags and cute little custom made tags that you can print right here.

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Evil Drink Lab

Occasionally while I’m mixing drinks behind the bar I feel like I’m a mad scientist: a dash of bitters here, a droplet of tincture there . . . you get the idea. And as you know, I’m a huge fan of self-serve cocktail stations at parties. After all, I made a whole business out of it back in the day. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the idea for an evil drink lab this Halloween. With so many fun props to choose from, you can really get into the “spirit” of the holiday – get it, the spirit . . ? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Halloween Evil Drink Lab | HonestlyYUM

I wanted to push the styling to the max, so I decided to keep it simple with the cocktail. Just lemonade, vodka, and a little bit of food coloring. It is Halloween after all. Let’s call them “Gremlin Drops”.

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Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Caramel Glaze

I finally hopped on the baked donut train, bought a couple donut pans, and made my first batch the other day. I really love donuts. This is coming from someone who had a tower of Dunkin’ Donuts as her birthday cake when she was 5, so when I say I love donuts– I love donuts. This recipe is one of those recipes that I ended up testing and re-testing and re-testing– just couldn’t get it right. I finally realized there wasn’t really anything wrong with the recipe necessarily, but that I was expecting it to taste like a donut. And the sad truth is that a baked donut is NOT a fried donut, no matter how much caramel glaze you dress it in. That being said, it was still delicious once I reminded myself that this was a baked donut. I just love the tanginess of the buttermilk combined with the pumpkin, but what really makes it is the luscious caramel glaze coating. Mmm mm, getting so excited for fall!

Pumpkin donuts | HonestlyYUM

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees with the rack set in the middle.

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Yum, We Love . . .

Joy the baker has a special place in my blogging heart. She was one of the first people to reach out to us when we launched HonestlyYUM, welcoming us into the wild world of food and drinks on the internet. Eventually, we collaborated on a Mother’s Day brunch spread, and to this day I’m still dreaming of her white chocolate rose cake. Joy has been such an inspiration to me: her photography, her writing, and of course her recipes. So you can imagine how happy I was when I finally got my hands on a copy of her brand new book, Homemade Decadence. I know just how much hard work (and butter!) has gone into this book. Believe me it shows. It didn’t take me more than 24 hours to get down to business, and try my luck at these these bourbon-chocolate pecan pie bars. Wow . . . I don’t know what to say except that I know what I’m bringing to every single holiday party this year. Congratulations Joy! I look forward to spending hours with the fam working our way though these pages. Hey, the little one’s gotta learn to bake at some point!!

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