One of my favorite colors is robin's egg blue. I think the difficulty in recreating the color using dyes and food coloring makes it all that more attractive to me. Only Mother Nature can produce a blue that spectacular. So it only makes sense that the magnificent turquoise hue can be replicated using a single product of nature: red cabbage. more →
I've been dreaming of owning and dressing up a bar cart for awhile now and just haven't found the right one - either it was too pricey or the aesthetic just wasn't right. Inspired by 18th century campaign chests, with their protective brass corners and charming drawer pulls, I decided to make my own bar tray. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and more importantly, I love that I can make my guests a cocktail right in my living room! more →
After making our first Galette des Rois, I couldn't help but wonder why we don't celebrate with delicious pastry-like cakes, hidden trinkets, and pretty crowns every month of the year. I had so much fun making a paper crown, with gold Dresden trim and vintage ribbons, for the festivities that I'm basically just looking for any excuse to make more. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays . . . handmade paper crowns for everyone! more →
What better way to ring in the new year than with a showering of colorful confetti, accompanied by a joyous cacophony of bangs and pops? Since I'm hosting a New Year's Eve shindig this year, I've started planning early by making my own confetti party poppers. How surprised will my guests be when I pass these around for the countdown to 2014! more →
I love piñatas. There's something really satisfying about smashing a colorful sculpture to pieces as heaps of candy scatter everywhere. It's been years since I've been to a party where a piñata was the highlight so this year, I'm determined to incorporate it into my Cinco de Mayo festivities. more →
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