Yum, We Love . . .

September 12, 2014

It’s been a while since we last spoke. I’ve been busy camping and, oh yeah, having a baby! Well, my wife was the one to actually have the . . . err, you get the idea. I’m now the father of a happy, healthy baby girl. I couldn’t be more in LOVE (or tired)!!

The good news just keeps on coming as the lovely Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) has launched a food blog: Thyme and Temp! If these donuts are a sign of what’s to come, then it looks like I’m going to be one happy dad.


  • I’m in love with everything about this cocktail (yes, even the Cholula).
  • Four magical words —-> easy, chicken, pot, pie.
  • Hooray for my favorite cookie!!
  • Why I’d never be able to be a vegetarian. Sorry!
  • It sure doesn’t seem like Eva can cook, but she’s still welcome to have breakfast at our house anytime!

Cookbook Crushing . . .

Phew, what a list!! Fabulous Fridays and wonderful weekends all around! Enjoy your sleep, because you never know when it will disappear!

(image from Thyme and Temp)


Wow, congratulations!!!! That’s wonderful news!

And thanks so much for the links, 100% agree…could never be a vegetarian. The carnitas look fantastic and will likely be on the menu for this weekend.

Congrats to you and your family, Todd! Thanks for the heads up about Jane’s blog!

I definitely was expecting a little more, especially with all the hype and it taking 2 1/2 years and all, but overall? It wasn’t bad. Sure, every time I saw the hairy Sonic model up close I cringed, and there really wasn’t much to the paper-thin plot, but overall it was pretty goddamn impressive.

line from downtown to USF-$1.5 billionIs that Billion with a “B”? and you just know even that estimate is BS, at least 30% above that before it’s done. (if it ever gets started)It would be cheaper to pay for limos for everyone that would use it for 20 years.

tiefere innere Wesen einer jeden christlichen Religion droht aber doch gerade durch die vielen “kleinlichen” Reibereien kaputt zu gehen. Das tiefere innere Wesen meines katholischen Glaubens besteht nicht in der “Realpräsenz” (was für ein Wort!) in der Hostie.

Naomi and I are so happy for you guys!! Nothing better in life, right? Thanks so much for the chicken pot pie love and hope you have a fun weekend.

Thanks Matt!! You and Naomi are so sweet. I really hope I can pull off the dad thing as well as you seem to. I definitely have my work cut out for me 😉

It was a good baseball weekend… my A’s crawled back slightly from the edge of the cliff they’ve been dangling off of, and it looks like your Dodgers handled biz as well. Onward!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How wonderful!

Also, great list, as always. 🙂

Thank you Rachael!! Congrats to you as well 🙂 I hope you’re feeling SUPER. I may be hitting you up for advice one of these days..

The cocktail sounds great! A friend of mine used to make what he called a Prairie Fire…a shot of a good tequila (or preferably mezcal) and float a few dashes of Tabasco on top. Loved ’em! But on to the MOST important thing, *CONGRATULATIONS* on the addition to your family, Todd! Wonderful news indeed!

Thank you Homer (as always)!! You know what, that Praire Fire doesn’t sound half bad.. 😛

You made our day!! Thank you so much for the shout put, we love HonestlyYum!! So excited for your beautiful growing family, congratulations! Xx

Aww, thank you so much Jane! Hooray for growing families!! I think our pup Grizzly is pretty happy being a big brother 🙂 Seriously, I’m so excited about T&T. Can’t wait to see what else you two have in store for us!! xoxo

Sounds like it was such an amazing month for you! All of those camping pictures were amazing–I can’t believe you made that cornbread AND pineapple cake. Stunning.

Thanks so much for including my little ol’ chickpeas! 🙂 I desperately want to go to that food photography workshop too! 🙁

Amazing indeed! Still can’t quite wrap my head around it all. Thanks for sharing your fabulous chickpea recipe. I CANNOT WAIT to make them!!!!