Yum, We Love Pumpkins

October 25, 2013

With a new baby and newly remodeled house, I’ve never been more excited about the holidays than I am this year. This nesting mom can’t wait to fill her kitchen with sweet treats baking in the oven and make spiked cocktails to warm the soul. And after rounding up some of my favorite pumpkin DIYs and recipes, I’ll be hitting up the pumpkin patch with the family this weekend. Who else has pumpkin fever?


(image by Katharina Gossow)fds


to say i have pumpkin fever is an understatement. this past weekend, i made homemade pumpkin puree and damn i didnt know i will have so much pumpkin to probably last me this whole season..

Yes! I definitely have pumpkin-fever! I always do this time of year. I make my very own pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies (actually multiple batches) throughout the season. A family favourite! x

Hi! Thanks for the shout-out for my pumpkin spice latte popsicles! I appreciate it!

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