Gift Guide 2018: The Bartender

December 14, 2018

Attention cocktail lovers and home bar enthusiasts: it’s that time again . . . the 2018 Bartender Gift Guide is LIVE (also known as Todd’s personal wish list). This is the 6th time that I’ve put this list together, and each year I feel it just keeps getting bigger and better! It’s was definitely hard to squeeze all my favorite cocktail-related finds of the year into one little collage. I hope you take the time to dig through, maybe share it with some friends. There really are some treasures in here. In the meantime, I have some shopping to do . . . happy drinking!! 

  1. Drinking Distilled: A User’s Manual, by Jeffrey Morgenthaler $14 – Anything by Jeffrey Morgenthaler is required reading in my book.
  2. Lightsaber™ Ice Tray $16 – Use the Force for those tall skinny glasses.
  3. Trophy Jigger $20 – This sleek, gunmetal coated jigger would be a sexy addition to any home bar.
  4. Resist & Persist Glasses $44 – It’s hard to escape politics these days. Might as well enjoy some whiskey while you’re at it.
  5. Hauck™ Julep Strainer $30 – Based on an 1890’s design, I absolutely love the way the angled handle hangs snuggly over the edge mixing glass.
  6. Kannoko Barley Shochu $27 – My new favorite shochu! So delicate, so flavorful, and even delicious in a cocktail.
  7. Matcha Whisk $25 – This battery-powered matcha whisk will save you hours of whisking. Love the green color too!
  8. Profile Bottle Opener $60 – This sleek, elegant bottle opener would be a lovely fit in on any kitchen counter.
  9. uKeg Stainless Growler, 64 oz $149 – This little growler is practically a portable keg! Keep your beer cold and keep it fresh for weeks.
  10. Death Star™ Glasses $40 – Honestly, how cool are these? Stair down the Death Star with every sip of your beverage.
  11. Viski Pacific Bamboo Gold Plated Highball Glasses $35 – These gold-plated stainless steal highballs will keep your bar looking hot and your drinks sipping cold.
  12. Acrylic Nick and Nora Glasses (6-pack) $34 – Hard to believe, but these Nick and Nora glasses are acrylic! No more need to worry about shattering those delicate martini glasses at the next backyard gathering.
  13. Morgenthaler Triomphe Atomizer $15 – If you have to get one atomizer for your bar, this is the one. 
  14. Drinking Buddy Charms and Topper Set $10 – The cutest little wine charms + bottle topper. 
  15. Punch Bowl $40 – Everyone needs a punch bowl. You might as well grab one from the David Wondrich collection – Mr. Punch himself.
  16. Del Maguey Copitas (set of 6) $14 – If you’re a regular mezcal drinker, you owe it to yourself to grab a set of copitas . . . now’s the time.
  17. West+Wilder Wine (3-pack of white & rosé) $35 – As they say on their website, “A great bottle of wine that happens to come in cans.”
  18. Gaz Regan Negroni Finger Stirrer $27 – Someone’s bound to put their finger in your negroni – might as well make it proper!
  19. Canyon Acacia Ice Bucket $80 – I’m always on the lookout for handsome ice buckets, as they tend to be left out on display. This Acacia wood ice bucket caught my eye immediately!
  20. The Capper $15 – A bottle opener AND bottle re-capper!! 
  21. Morgenthaler Champagne Sabre $67 – Celebrate the New Year in style with this dashing stainless-steal Champagne saber.
  22. White Pineapple Cocktail Shaker $99 – Almost too pretty to use, this white pineapple shaker is just as much of a show piece as it is a cocktail shaker.
  23. Buswell® Reusable Straw Pack $13 – For those of you that host big parties, this reusable straw pack is a steal! 200 straws that can each be washed up to 200 times each in the dishwasher. Gone are the days of cheap, throw-away plastic straws.  
  24. Mint Julep Cocktail Pin $12 – Pretty much the coolest pin I’ve ever seen, and a must for Derby Day!
  25. Negroni Apron $80 – From the makers of our favorite aprons come this Negroni-themed, herringbone denim design.
  26. Lindley-Pick™ Hawthorne Strainer $33 – This vintage-inspired silver-plated strainer is one of the most intricate designs I’ve seen in a Hawthorne strainer. 


Great gift idea. Love the bamboo glass and will collect them soon 🙂
Thanks for sharing.

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