Kumquat Jam

April 10, 2013

My friend has a large and prosperous kumquat tree and asked if I wanted some of the fruit before they were all gone. I jumped at the chance, as I love to snack on kumquats. But when I came home with almost 3 pounds, I knew I wouldn’t even be able to make a dent in my newly acquired stash before they all went bad. I had never tried making fruit jam before so I did a little internet research and found a simple kumquat jam recipe¬†from Food in Jars. The result was amazing, slightly bitter but sweet and with intense kumquat flavor. However, here’s your warning: taking apart the little kumquats is tedious and monotonous, especially if you’re making a large batch. So I suggest you do what I did and make this jam when you have some time to spare, turn on the TV and do a marathon run of trashy television shows, and try and enjoy the process, because it’s totally worth it!

Kumquat Jam 5

Kumquat Jam 4

kumquat Jam 6

Kumquat Jam 3

kumquat Jam

Kumquat Jam

Sour, bitter and fragrant kumquats are the perfect citrus fruit to turn into jam.



  1. First quarter your kumquats. Then, using a sharp paring knife, separate the peel from inner membrane and seeds, reserving this since it will be the source of pectin for the jam.
  2. Then slice each quarter of a peel into thin slices. Place the seeds and membrane in a cheese cloth and tie tightly. Then fill a large pot with 2 cups of water and 1 1/2 cups of sugar and place the peels and cheese cloth package in the pot.
  3. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 25 minutes until the consistency is thick. Mine took longer, almost an hour, since I had a lot more kumquats. Pour the marmalade into small jars and keep refrigerated.

(images by HonestlyYUM)


Does anybody have a recipe for kumquat jam, not marmalade. Every recipe I read leaves the rind on the fruit which makes it marmalade. Jam is made with the fruit of kumquat, and no recipe for it.

Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe! I just made it and turned out beautiful. Your picture is beautiful, too.

Great recipe! I tried it last Sunday, it is so easy and yet so good. Thanks for sharing.

I haven’t tried a kumquat in years; this sounds like a great way to use them and I imagine great with your cheese plate!

My mom used to make this for me as a kid, a batch would be so nostalgic!

Greats from Russia! Your blog is soooo amazing! I think, u will have a big succes, and very soon!

I’m going to need this on my toast this morning. Now, where to find fresh kumquats…if only I had a tree! I do have some leftover peach jam that I made with fresh Colorado peaches last summer. That will have to do on this snowy April morning in Denver. Lovely photos!

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