Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut

August 11, 2016

I have a confession to make . . . I purchased a shaved ice machine. I’m talking industrial strength, 60 lbs of metal, with a 6-inch stainless steel blade. This thing can crank out 300 lbs of shaved ice in an hour. Did I mention that I was jealous of Erica and Karen’s trip to Hawaii? Hehe. The truth is that ever since our honeymoon in Kauai, I’ve been fascinated by the whole concept of shave ice. Growing up, I’d only tried snow cones. Don’t get me wrong, snow cones are great! It’s just that, once you get a taste of that pillowy-soft, melt-in-your-mouth Hawaiian shave ice, it’s hard to go back to the cone.

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut | @HonestlyYUM |

So look out, because the rest of the summer I’m going to be experimenting with bold, seasonal, fresh flavors, all drizzled atop mounds of fluffy ice. Also, I totally understand that you probably don’t have a commercial-grade ice machine sitting next to your toaster (nor should I, frankly, let’s be honest), but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out these syrup recipes. In fact, there are a few very highly-rated consumer-grade shaved ice machines online. Sure, they probably won’t be able to shave 300+ lbs of ice per hour, but assuming you don’t have any plans to work the county fair this summer, they should do juuust fine. Crushing ice in a blender, food processor, or even by hand are all good options as well. After all, it’s all about keeping cool, am I right?!!

Raw Figs | @HonestlyYUM |

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut | @HonestlyYUM |

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut | @HonestlyYUM |

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut | @HonestlyYUM |

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut | @HonestlyYUM |

Fig and Lime Shave Ice with Coconut

Sweet figs, tart lime, and creamy coconut come together beautifully in this refreshing dessert perfect for a hot summer day
Servings: 1-2 shave ice bowls


For the lime syrup

For the fig syrup


For lime syrup

  1. Combine the sugar and the lime sugar, and stir until completely dissolved.

For fig syrup

  1. Combine sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat until dissolved. Add figs, stirring and mashing them as they cook until softened, about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. Strain through a fine mesh strainer and place in the refrigerator to chill before using.

For the shave ice

  1. Add coconut ice cream to the bottom of a bowl. Top with heaping amounts of shaved ice. Pack/sculpt the ice firmly with your hands, then add more ice until you create a mound atop the bowl.
  2. Add fig syrup to one side of the ice, and lime syrup to the other. The amount of syrup you need will vary significantly depending on personal taste, and the size of your bowl. However, a good point of reference would be to drizzle the syrup so that the top of the ice is saturated.
  3. Top with a handful of toasted coconut, garnish with figs and limes, and serve with spoon and straw.

(images by HonestlyYUM)


I’m looking forward to seeing all the bold syrupy things that you gonna make for your fluffy ice later though.

I like the idea of making shaved ice and syrups at home because shaved ice companies add A LOT of sugar into their syrups. It’s nice to know exactly what is going into your food when you make it at home. Love the toppings as well!

That is the one I was looking at on Amazon and it is $200 there as well as at Home Depot. I am going for it. We LOVE shave ice. Now I need to find space in my kitchen for it LOL

Why isn’t it “shaved” ice?

That’s a great question, Debra. That’s just what it’s called in Hawaii. If anyone else knows the answer, feel free to share.

Where did you buy your shave ice machine online? And which model did you get? I have been researching ones but I’m not really wanting to spend $2000 on one. Not planning on opening my own shave ice stand anytime soon but let’s be honest, nothing else is the same as real deal Hawaiian shaved ice from a real deal machine. We eat our bodyweight in shaved ice every year when we go to Hawaii. So I figured it would be worth the purchase to sustain us until our next trip to Hawaii next year. Love the flavors of your recipe here.

I ordered this model from Home Depot: – and had it delivered. I believe it’s on Amazon as well. It’s way cheaper than $200, and I’m really happy with it so far, although I’ve only had it for about a month. It makes super fluffy ice (and thicker if desired), and definitely cranks it out quick! Thanks for stopping by Shanna!

I can’t believe you bought that beast of a machine (actually, I can…but what I really can’t believe is that you didn’t bring me any shave ice today. SAD. I’m going to just randomly show up when it’s hot and demand shave ice!)

Haha, I know, major friend fail. Now if only I could find a way to hook it up to my car…then I’d really be on to something 🙂

So beautiful! I just love this. Makes me want to head straight to Hawaii!

I’m for basically anything that is having to do with Kauai. I love how it is still so untouched and just gorgeous. Having been to 49 states (just missing Alaska) and not being a super fan of islands, I would go back there in a heartbeat. That’s a huge statement since there is SO much to see out there. Thanks for the mini-vacation!

Whoa whoa whoa!! 49 states?!! Incredible. So are there Alaska plans in the works? Glad I could send you on a mini trip to the Pacific 🙂

I’m totally 100% with you. Fluffy ice is so much better than anything during summer, and that’s why I do have a tiny shaved ice machine as well. hahaha What I don’t have is the fig syrup & lime syrup, and now I have them here. 🙂
I’m looking forward to seeing all the bold syrupy things that you gonna make for your fluffy ice later though.

Thank you Pang! I can’t wait to share the next recipe. Of course you have a shaved ice machine!! #coolkids 😉

Having spent some time in Singapore, I am a big fan of Ice Kacang and Bobo Chacha shaved ice confections. I only have a domestic ice shaver here in Sydney but love the ideas you have for new recipes. Keep them coming, please!

Thanks so much Rebecca!! It sounds like you’re quite the shave ice enthusiast, so I’m glad I met your standards!

shaved ice sounds like a pure bliss to me right now esp with toasted coconut..

Thanks Dixya! The toasted coconut was a last minute addition, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Definitely worth the extra mess 😉

My cousins are in Hawaii at the moment and keep sending me snaps of shaved ice. I WANT 🙁 #ExpatProblems On the bright side, might have to give this a try if I can figure out where to get shaved ice in London!

Thanks for stopping by Supal! That’s exactly how I felt when writing this post, while looking at all Erica and Karen’s Hawaii pics. Now we know just what type of business London needs! 😉

This is AMAZING. Figs are my favorite and I have yet to ever have shaved ice. I need this! 🙂

Thank you Teighan! Still can’t get over how amazing the figs are this year. I hope you give shave ice a try soon!

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