Brunch Must-Haves

August 8, 2014

I take breakfast very seriously. My kitchen is equipped to whip up some yeasted waffles or eggs and soldiers any time of the day. It’s stacked with trays of muffin tins and popover pans, even though I only have one oven. And coffee? Good god, where do I start. Fancy a latte?  Turkish coffee? French press? Single cup pour over? Here are some of my must-haves for brunch entertaining– hover over the image and click through for product info!

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  • A press is essential for that perfect flat crisp bacon.
  • When making pancakes or waffles, use a large measuring cup with a spout to mix the batter in. It makes for easy pouring without making a mess.
  • I always have a dish of room temperature butter on the table. Butter goes with everything.
  • I love a block of honey comb served with some granola, yogurt and fruit.
  • Fresh orange juice is a must at any brunch.



brunch at home is the best thing ever. that juicer! i need one!!!!

I could have used the cast-iron grill press this morning. Nothing beats a flat strip of perfectly cooked, crispy bacon! I know what I’ll be purchasing this weekend at Sur la Table. By the way Karen, belated congrats on taking the bar exam. I’m sure you just rocked it!

Love this! Being an avid bacon eater that only fries up her bacon in a good ‘ol fashioned skillet, that press would come in mighty handy!

i just gasped out loud at the site of all these goodies! HAPPY WEEKEND, FOR REAL!

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