Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we launched HonestlyYUM. Seriously, it feels like just last weekend we were all gathered around the table for brunch. There were popovers and pom poms, and plenty of bloody marys to go around. Of course, I’ve enjoyed all the food (thank you Karen) and the cocktails, but I’m not gonna lie, what I’ve enjoyed most of all is you! That’s right . . . thank you so much for all your support this past year. For the lovely comments; for the tweets, pins, and other kind words; for taking the time to make the recipes, and for sharing them with your friends and family. Honestly, that’s what it’s all about.

What better way to welcome spring than with this gorgeous strawberry rhubarb and tarragon tarte tartin from Adventures in Cooking? Yum!!

Yum, We Love . . . Strawberry Rhubarb & Tarragon Tarte Tartin from Adventures in Cooking

  • Good luck waiting until summer to make these . . .
  • Tracy and I are both addicted to pizza. That’s a good thing, right?
  • There’s no so thing as too much mango. Especially if it’s dessert.
  • This gives a whole new meaning to a double shot of espresso.

Happy spring!

(image by Adventures in Cooking)