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February 28, 2013

I am a serious coffee addict.  So you can imagine how happy it makes me that nowadays people are taking their coffee as seriously as a fine glass of wine.  Here are a few ways you can take your love of that roasted brew to the next level of obsession.  On my wish list, a gold french press!

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1.  Ascaso Factory Dream Espresso Machine, $599 | 2. Aeropress Brewer, $32 | 3. Hario v60 Buono Water Kettle, $66 | 4. Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker, $80 | 5. Bodum Gold Classic Chambord French Press, $70 | 6. Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper, $265 | 7. Freud Cafetiere, $72 | 8. Hario v60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, $23 | 9. Chemex Coffee Maker, $35-$42 | 10. Eva Cafe Solo Brewer, $99 | 11. Olive Stem Turkish Coffee Pot, $98 | 12. Color Pop Coffee Pot, $38


The aeropress is my favorite! It makes the best coffee just like Philz does it. AND its wayyyy easier to clean then all the other gadgets.

The aeropress is not as pretty as the rest but makes good coffee in a zap (according to the manfriend who likes speedy cleanups in the mornings) 🙂

We use the aeropress daily and it makes delicious coffee fast w/ quick cleanup.

Do they come with instructions? I think we used #6 in my chemistry class

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