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March 21, 2013
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I first noticed Gray Works Design when browsing Etsy one day and I came across one of their gorgeous Footed Plattes. As owners Elizabeth and Andrew mention on their site, not only does the “Foote” add functionality, but also elevates each piece to a true work of art. All of their products are handcrafted from sustainably harvested or salvaged American hardwoods at their studio in Woodstock, NY. I adore how each piece is one-of-a-kind and thoughtfully chosen to highlight the natural shape, grain and other unique features of the wood. I cannot wait to get my hands on one!









(images from Gray Works Design)


These are beautiful pieces. I love the different shades in the wood- beautiful for blog photos! I’ll definitely have to check out their Etsy shop!

Thank you so very much for the truly wonderful feature! We’re honored. Happy to help out if anyone has any questions! Visit our Etsy shop and send a message. Thank you again…

How absolutely stunning! I think the rustic appeal is beyond gorgeous and would look lovely in a post modern kitchen as an almost ironic splash

I am so happy you did this post! I have been looking for a cutting board like this for my food videos. I just checked their Etsy page out. Just beautiful stuff and I love how it is all salvaged American hardwoods, so cool. I will definitely be investing into one of these.
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