Acai Coconut Bowl

April 23, 2014

I’m outraged. Okay, not really. But, why am I just learning about acai bowls and more importantly, why aren’t they sold everywhere!? I’m familiar with acai generally, but only recently learned about this particular application of frozen acai, blended and topped with fresh fruit and granola. It’s just the perfect little bowl of antioxidants and vitamins. Pure frozen acai is available at any health food store in the frozen aisle and come in individual packages. Simply run one package under water briefly, empty contents into a blender, and blend with frozen banana and splash of coconut water. Top with your favorite fruit and granola and there you go!

Also, I tried something new with today’s post and tinkered around with a video (and with lots of help from my very patient boyfriend). I hope you enjoy it!!


  • 2 3.5-ounce package of pure unsweetened frozen acai pulp
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 coconut (or a splash of coconut water if you’re not making the coconut bowl)
  • fresh fruit
  • granola

To make the coconut bowl, hammer the tip of a clean screwdriver into two of the three holes on the coconut until it pierces through the shell. Drain the coconut water out into a cup. Hammer the coconut around the equator of the coconut– and hammer hard– until the coconut begins to crack. It won’t feel like it’s working at first, but keep hammering, it will eventually crack in half.

Run the package of frozen acai under water for a minute. Squeeze the package of acai into a blender and add the frozen peeled banana and a splash of the coconut water and blend. Pour into the coconut bowl and top with fresh fruit and granola.

Makes 2 servings.

(video by HonestlyYUM; music: Melt! by Flying Lotus)


This looks amazing!!! And such a fun video. Seriously love it all.

Nice video! One of the things I miss from Brazil is the acaí bowl which is sold everywhere. It’s pretty common the acaí cream – as you showed – with guaraná syrup. It comes along w/ sliced fruits on the top!

Acai bowls have been the discovery of the year for me.
I ate one every morning of my vacation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. At Basik Cafe they have endless toppings to choose from including spirulina, cacao nibs, fresh papaya, and local honey.

Oh, such a relief! I love fresh coconut, and I never know how’s the introduction of a given fruit in different countries. My cousin lives in Germany and for years hehehe would buy ripe bananas ultragrously cheap, the moment those ‘black spots’ showed in the yellow the germans wouldn’t come near them ant the price would drop… 🙂

Whaaat you’re not scraping all that coconut from its shell?? Please tell me you did scrape it! Its the best part! I like it way more than that coconut water…
About the frozen açaí, its sold like that everywhere in Brazil

Ah this was such a fun post! Loving the music as I was literally getting embarrassingly into it haha. But I love this idea as a breakfast item for summer! x

They are sold in pretty much in many cafes in Hawaii. I was in Honolulu for a conference in August of last year, and for the 5 days I was there, it was my daily breakfast.

I tried only a couple of places, but Tilia Aloha Cafe was hands down my favourite ( Don’t trust the 3.5 stars. The majority of the low rates are from customers complaining about the prices, which are expensive. However, I dare you find anything cheap in Honolulu!

So, next time, when you and your boyfriend don’t feel like cracking coconut, you can take a detour and go to Honolulu 🙂

i have never had acai bowl but now im going to be looking for that frozen kind..thanks for sharing. nice video there 🙂

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