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March 28, 2014

There are very few dishes or recipes I have never heard of, especially dishes that are made of butter. Apparently, I didn’t get the memo about kouign-amann, a Breton cake made of yeasted dough and layers of butter and sugar, that’s making its way around the internet. Sure it’s labor intensive and takes practically a day to make, but my god– I am dying to know what it tastes like. Just look at it!


(images from Bon Appetit)


it tastes like heaven! I’m from france, specially from where the Kouign-Amann is made. it’s one of the best thing on earth ^^ You should definitely try! If you are looking for a good one in Paris one day I have adresses 🙂

A bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah (Les Madeleines) was one of the first to offer these in the U.S. They’re a slightly crunchy, caramelized shell wrapped around a buttery, chewy center, flaky but not dryly so, sweet but not cloying or syrupy. They’re UNHINGED. I tried them at home using a rather vague Martha Stewart recipe, but you have to have patience to chill the dough between folding and I rushed it. They were still edible but the pros’ versions are sublime.

Aw! Thanks for the Yum, We Love love, Karen! There is a batch of energy bites with your name on them should you ever find yourself in SF. All these links look to die for. I will have to get myself to Alembic stat. Hello, rhubarb vanilla shrub – you will be mine!

Careful I may take you up on that offer! 😉 We should definitely meet up in SF sometime!

Trader joes has one in their frozen section that you let proof over night and bake in the morning.. It’s REDICULOUS good.

Starter Bakery in San Francisco makes THE best kouign-amann. If only it wasn’t so far away from this east coast girl!

Thanks for the tip I am planning to go there soon! Can’t wait to try it!

Love the idea of the kouign-amann, but I think I’ll have to go to France to try one. I’m not sure I could go to the trouble of taking all day to make them! I bet it would be worth it though, knowing the French and their cakes!

I tried kougin-amann when I was in St.Maló, Britanny, two years ago – it was delicious! There are also variations with apples (even better), you could buy them at every street corner.

woah those chicken..and thanks for linking the cake, it looks so heavenly,

I’m in love with the idea of goat cheese + aubergine! Honestly I think aubergine is so underplayed so thank you for including this. And I love anything chai spiced (I may be feeding the stereotype of Indian people) and so I’m adding that banana cake to my arsenal! Thanks Karen for the link and just wanted to say that you two have been really kind and sweet (being big bloggers and supporting us small ones).

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