After Dark Digestif

March 26, 2014

I’ve always had a particular fondness for digestifs. Whether a glass of port or a shot of cognac, the simple act of sipping that after dinner drink is comforting to me. Perhaps it’s the extension of the meal that I love. Conversations are allowed to linger as we slowly digest the evenings fare. Maybe it’s the libation itself. Aged spirits and herbal liqueurs overlooked at happy hour are readily passed around the table amidst the candlelight. Perhaps it’s the desire to coat our palates with something sweet? Or simply the formality of it all? Likely all of the above. For tonight’s digestif I made a cocktail. A blend of aged rum, Vermouth di Torino, and a splash of walnut liqueur. This luscious cocktail pairs just right with a few squares of dark chocolate. I used Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soirée. The intense dark chocolate balances the sweetness of the cocktail, while the salt evokes the nutty and citrus notes in the alcohol. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this. I think I’ll call it a night.

After Dark Digestif // HonestlyYUM


  • 1 1/2 oz aged rum
  • 3/4 oz Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
  • 1/4 oz nocino (walnut liqueur)
  • 2 dashes orange bitters
  • orange peel for garnish

After Dark Digestif // HonestlyYUM

To make the cocktail, add the aged rum, vermouth, nocino and orange bitters to your mixing glass. Top with ice and stir for a full 30 seconds.

After Dark Digestif // HonestlyYUM

Strain the cocktail into an old fashioned glass over one large ice cube.

After Dark Digestif // HonestlyYUM

Pair with your favorite dark chocolate.

Ghirardelli Chocolate // HonestlyYUM

Garnish with a large peel of orange, and your nightcap is complete!

After Dark Digestif // HonestlyYUM

(images by HonestlyYUM)


This looks delicious. We’re big fans of pairing aged rum with dark chocolate, and we often mix up a rum-sweet vermouth-campari concoction as a little nightcap. We’ll definitely be giving this one a try soon. Gorgeous photos, as always. Well done.

The drink sounds lovely but I want the glassware. Where did you find it?

Chocolate and rum … two of my most favorite things. Very well done! Bravo! Love the photos! … and the big ice cubes … that’s my $hyz!! cheers!!

I have never had a digestif before, but it sure looks good! I might try this sometime

At home we’d call it the brandy and cigars time, although as kids none of us were allowed to drink and nobody smoke. With some dessert and a move from the table to the couch, this feast chill out is a favourite moment of mine.

And this drink looks amazing! By the way congrats on the B-day. It seems like yesterday!

Thank you so much Francisca. Thanks for all your support. That’s so sweet of you. Brandy and cigars time..what a great name! Love it!!

I also love the lingering over a sweet drink after dinner. It is about conversation and slowing down. Dark chocolate completes the experience. Thanks for the recipe!

This looks wonderful. Way better than scotch whiskey with chocolate!

Thank you Mimi! I dunno if I’ve tried that pairing, but I’ll take your word for it.

This sounds like a great combination! I’m in 🙂

I love the way you talk about extending a meal. It can be so lovely to sit and spend time with people you care about while enjoying delicious food and sipping on something delicious like this digestif. And I have to say…adding dark chocolate to just about anything is perfection.

Thank you Rachael. I found myself doing exactly that the other night while out to dinner. Finally we had to give up our table. Oops!!

I love chocolate and cocktails but have never been a fan of chocolate/dessert cocktails. This looks like the perfect way to pair the two!

Yea, I tend to feel the same way Lauren. If you give this one a try tell me what you think.

I don’t think I’ve ever turned down an after-dinner cocktail. This cocktail is sure to warm up your insideds. Love the walnut liqueur. A piece of chocolate is a must. Love your site, Todd. Thanks for stopping by mine today.

Thank you so much Jennie. That means a lot coming from you!! I’m glad you liked the drink. And yes, the walnut liqueur is my new best friend 🙂

Okay, it’s gotta be post-dinner SOMEWHERE, right? And that’s where I want to be with one of these in a glass at my side. Chocolate and liquor are just made for each other. Lovely!

So many wonderful flavors happening in one drink. I’m intrigued by the walnut liqueur, definitely something I need to try.

OMG Erika, it’s the best!! I’m sipping on some right now over a little ice while I watch the A’s game 😉

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