Yum, We Love Eggs!

October 4, 2013

If you can’t tell, we at HonestlyYUM sure do love our eggs. Delicious for breakfast, and the perfect late-night snack, eggs just make everything, well, better! Here are a few yum-worthy links that hopefully will inspire you to get your egg on this weekend!

Yum, We Love Eggs // HonestlyYUM

  • You win this time Los Angeles . . . arg!
  • If this was my breakfast every morning, I’d be one happy camper.
  • I’ll take the whole skillet, please.
  • If there’s a hole, you can put an egg in it.
  • If you’re feeling ambitious. Btw, how adorable are those pics?!
  • Everything you need to know about eggs in cocktails.
  • Just how beautiful are these!?
  • Lentil vegetable salad with soft-cooked eggs. Healthy, quick, and easy!
  • Test your egg-telligence . . .
  • Pisco + egg whites = happiness. I’m telling you people!
  • Even the boogie man loves eggs (sorry in advance)!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

(image by HonestlyYUM)


Love this round-up! I especially love the simple poached and the exciting holes. Lol!

Oh, eggs. I cannot get enough. My friends make fun of me because of my egg obsession. Thanks for the simply delicious round up!

I seriously must save the eggs in cocktail article. How interesting! Another blog who does eggs well is Naturally Ella! All sorts of skillets and the like. Since I’m home visiting parents at the moment, I think I may have to share this with my dad. (It’s a tradition for him to make brunch every Sunday). Thank you for this and happy weekend!

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