Yum, We Love . . .

August 9, 2013

I think I still have an ice cream week hangover. Luckily, I’ve been strictly following Laura from The First Mess and her incredibly healthy recipes. I mean, check out the ingredients for her Green Drink pictured below . . . if this doesn’t cure me, I don’t know what will.

Yum, We Love . . .

  • Really, how many ways can there be to eat a PB & J?!?
  • Why have just the ice cream when you can have the total package?
  • Claire always finds the best vintage items.
  • Oktoberfest here I come . . . better get started now!
  • Speaking of salmon, I’ve been drooling over Tieghan’s gyros all week.
  • Such a helpful entertaining tip.

Have a happy healthy weekend everyone. Cheers!!

(image from The First Mess)


HAHA! I simply go by the rule. DON’T have it at home. So funny. If I don’t have any of the good stuff at home I don’t miss it. Why is our brain working like that?

Well, I love the green smoothie btw! And after doing a detox (and now finally not “needing” coffee in my daily routine anymore) I often try new things from this blog http://blendedrecipes.com

And sometimes I even come up with my very own creation 🙂
Well, very seldom. 🙂

Success with the “cure”
Cheers, Taty


Literally making ice cream now… someone send green juice!!!

Thanks for sharing the wild salmon article! I’m ready to get cookin’ 🙂

one of these days i’ll have to jump on the bandwagon and make a green smoothie. looks very yummy!

Hangovers of all kinds are cured by the green drink. Swearsies on my life. Thanks for linking it up and sharing! So much good stuff here. xo

Well I know one guy who’s going to hijack his wife’s Vitamix and blend up that green drink from First Mess. And I agree with Cassie above, if I make/imbibe in extra green drinks, can I also have extra moscow mules? Please? Thanks!! 😀

The First Mess looks amazing, I can’t wait to check out more! Can I drink more cardamom moscow mules if I drink more green drinks? Happy Friday!

Stumbled by your post today and luv these links – I do agree, Tieghans gyros are totally mouthwatering!

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