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July 12, 2013

Well, I finally made it back to the Bay Area after a whirlwind trip up north. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful food and drink suggestions along the way. We sure treated ourselves to some amazing meals. A couple foodie highlights included Vij’s in Vancouver, and Tasty n Alder in Portland. For cocktails, Seattle’s Canon and Portland’s Kask stole the show. Here are a few of the links that I’m anxious to try now that I’m back in my own kitchen. Hope you enjoy!

  • These Baked Squash Blossoms with Pine Nut Cheese look oh so fancy and delicious, yet surprising simple to make.

Baked Squash Blossoms with Pine Nut Cheese

  • There are few plants that take me back to childhood quite like Honeysuckle.
  •  Rachael White turned my three favorite breakfast foods into a jam; a welcome addition to the perfect cheese platter.

[linktopost slug=”the-perfect-cheese-platter”]

  • I wonder if anyone was lucky enough to enjoy these at Wimbledon last week.
  • And for all you artists out there, I’ve officially found the best thing you can do with Wonder Bread.

Happy weekends all around!!


That baked squash blossoms looks so delish! I hope we get some here in Florida, soon 🙂

Oh my gosh, the Wonder Bread art is hilarious…and simply amazing. This just proves what you can do with a healthy dose of styrofoam, air, wallpaper paste and sawdust (the 4 ingredients of Wonder Bread). 😀

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