Yum, We Love . . .

June 14, 2013

We’ve hit a mini heat wave here in the Bay Area the last few days, and by heat wave I mean low 70’s. I know what you’re thinking . . . hardly a heat wave, try 90 degress + humidity. But hey, it still feels like summer to me! In celebration of another successful rhubarb season slowly coming to a close, I wanted to round-up some of my favorites of the year.

Yum, We Love . . .

Enjoy the weekend everybody! If you happen to stumble upon some rhubarb at the farmer’s market this weekend, grab it and give one of these recipes a go. I’m off to the woods to celebrate three full decades! Ciao.


thanks a bunch for all the recipes, they all look exquisite!

Aw! Thanks for the kind words, Todd. What an exquisite collection of recipes – that tart! And that jam! (And that pie, and those drinks, and… I’m kind of obsessed with rhubarb, can ya tell?) And I lovelovelove your site. 🙂

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