White Chocolate Rose Cake with Strawberries

May 9, 2013

I love roses. I have a weakness for white chocolate. And I adore strawberries. Combine the three components into one glorious cake and honestly, life really doesn’t get any sweeter. And top it all off with a bed of fragrant rose petals? Only Joy would think of something so exceptional. Head on over to her blog for the full recipe!

whitechocolatecake 1

whitechocolatecake 2

whitechocolatecake 3

(images by Joy The Baker)


I made this cake for my dad on his birthday and it was a huge hit. Make sure you flower your cake pan real good otherwise..the cake layers can fall apart when taking them out of the pan. I also used the flower concept for a my friends going away party. Bought a cute mini cake at Whole Foods and bought an orange rose and put the rose on top of the cake surrounded by petals. Cake is easy its just time consuming. Wish I could post pics..but this blog doesnt let me 🙁

where do you get ur roses I love flowers on my cakes n cupcakes too

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