Compartés Chocolatier

May 4, 2013

I’ve been hearing about Compartés Chocolatier and Jonathan Grahm for several years now. But it wasn’t until a recent trip to LA and a visit to their store that I finally had a chance to taste the goods. Was the chocolate delicious? You bet! But what almost made more of an impression on me was the art of Compartés. Whether it was the creative combination of ingredients (white chocolate, rosemary, olive), the beautiful packaging, and even the design of the chocolate bars themselves, everything is done with an artful eye. I was particularly intrigued by their World Series (no, not a baseball reference). The Aztec Jungle bar had me loving life. Milk chocolate and mole . . . yes please!







(images by HonestlyYUM)


Absolutely love the packaging designs. Gonna order some of these as gifts as they look fab!

The packaging alone would make you want to buy this chocolate. The different kinds sound interesting, weird and delicious. I also love the little triangles on the chocolate. What’s not to love about one of these chocolate bars.
xo Quinn

This place looks awesome! awesome! I see a great Mother’s Day gift for my wife here..thanks for the site/suggestion!

Love that you wrote up a post on Compartes! Just stopped into the shop for the first time last week and was in chocolate heaven! The chocolate bar wall was amazingly beautiful! For those people who like a bit of spice with their chocolate, the Mexican Hot Chocolate truffle was incredible!

Thanks for the post!

Cool package art! Checked out their website and seems like there are a lot of interesting flavor combos. Ill have to try one!

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