Umami Mart

April 15, 2013

I enjoy collecting barware and various other tools of the trade. But after recently discovering Umami Mart in downtown Oakland, CA, what started out as merely a hobby is quickly becoming an obsession. Beautifully designed and stocked with an impressive selection of kitchen and barware imported from Japan, it is almost impossible for me to leave Umami Mart without something new catching my eye. I’ve found everything to be of the highest quality in both form and function. Recently, I picked up some sleek gold cocktail pins that were perfect for an elegant garnish.








(images by HonestlyYUM)

1. Yarai Glass Cobbler Shaker, $80 | 2. Barspoon with Muddler, $15 | 3. Hinoki Ice Basin, $250 | 4. Gold Circle Cocktail Pin, $8 | 5. Coffee Grinder, $95 | 6. Cedar Sake Cup, $10 | 7. Umami Mart Travel Mug, $23 | 8. Classic Jigger, $14 | 9. Suribachi (Japanese mortar and pestle), $20 | 10. Copper Beer Cup, $40 | 11. Cooking Chopsticks, $5 | 12. Shochu Server Set, $400 | 13. Salt Box by Bee House, $21 | 14. Sabisensuji Teapot, $69


I love this store . I have made several orders and work very well

Totally read my mind! Was seeking some new barware and you found it.

Todd – It would be so awesome if you could look at the cart! I’m so close to it being finished! I tried purchasing the cocktail pins you got… SOLD OUT! I will keep stalking their site. 😉

By the way, the cart is brass. Any tips for keeing brass nice and shiny?



Todd… I love all your posting about barware and elegant bar pieces!!! PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING! Since the “Bar Carts” posting, I’ve been inspired and I’ve been collecting all sorts of things! I even found an awesome vintage bar cart that I am in the middle of restoring. I can’t wait til it’s all done!

Christy, that’s great!! Let me know when you’ve finished your restoration. Would love to see some pics!

All of that gold barware is stunning! Next time I am in LA this little boutique will definitely be a destination.
I mean look at all those awesome items, they would all be great for food styling and of course every day use. Thanks for the find.
xo Quinn

Quinn Cooper Style

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