Gift Guide 2017: The Cook

December 13, 2017
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This is my favorite time of year, not just because it’s the holidays, but also because I get to scour the internet for my favorite gifts for our holiday guide! This list is a mix of items I already have and love and other items I’ve been eyeing. I’ve tried to include a variety of gifts with varying price points, but all of them I think would make your favorite foodie happy!

  1. Kitchen Aid Pro Line Copper Stand Mixer $999.95 – Ok, this is a bit over-the-top for a holiday gift, but I’ve been looking to upgrade my old white Kitchen Aid and I’ve been eyeing this beautiful copper one for a while now.
  2. Waffle Ornament / Eggs & Bacon Ornament $13 – $16 – Glass food ornaments are a must for any foodie!
  3. Magnolia Wreath $65 – This wreath isn’t food-related, but is too gorgeous not to share. I love the brown tan shades of magnolia leaves.
  4. Handwoven Eco Tote $16 – Cute and stylish– perfect for weekend farmer’s market trips.
  5. Tagine $59.96 – This tagine has the perfect combination of utility and uniqueness– just what I look for in holiday gifts.
  6. Paring Knife $169.95 – One can never have too many paring knives. This one with a wood handle is so elegant and beautiful.
  7. Jacobsen Flake Salt Slide Tin $5 – Convenient little travel sized salt for that gourmet that won’t settle for anything less than flake sea salt!
  8. Vanilla Extract $15 – This beautifully packaged vanilla extract is cold pressed for a deeper more fragrant vanilla. The dropper top is very convenient too!
  9. Where to Eat Pizza $21.69 – I mean, everyone loves pizza, so guaranteed hit gift.
  10. Farmhouse Petite Silo Bowl $32 – Small bowls are very useful for any homecook– whether its for mise en place, making dressings or storing salt.
  11. Springerle Cookie Molds $31-$50 – I love love love these wood cookie molds and their intricate designs! Springerle Joy has so many designs to choose from including holiday themed ones.
  12. Rolling Pin $95 – This unique rolling pin is the perfect gift for the avid baker.
  13. OxFam Chicks $45 – Giving on behalf someone else is one of the most thoughtful gifts I can think of, especially during the holidays. OxFam allows you to give symbolic gifts by donating animals needed in poor rural communities. For example, a gift of a dozen chicks provides households with a starter flock to produce eggs, generate income and improve nutrition.
  14. Saffron $13.95 – Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and one of my favorites. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the adventurous cook!
  15. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle $79 – This one is for the coffee nerd. I love this kettle because it has the gooseneck spout and temperature gauge so that cup of pour-over coffee comes out perfect each and every time.
  16. Panettone  $26.45 – This Italian Christmas cake studded with raisins and candied fruit is a classic holiday gift.
  17. Walnut Cake Stand $70 – Cake stands are one of those things that I never buy for myself, but find myself needing. I especially love the shape of this wood base.
  18. Joule Sous Vide $180 – I have the Joule and it’s my favorite tool in my kitchen. When you find a good thing, you share it with your loved ones!
  19. Japanese Selvedge Denim Apron $129 – This apron is made from real leather and denim with six pockets, and one that fits your cell phone so you can snap photos of your food!


Damn, this KitchenAid Stand Mixer is looking gorgeous. But the only negativ aspect is the price……

Thansk for that great list. I will definitely use it to choose for future birthday presents (:

Damn this kettle is looking nice! It would fit perfectly in my grey kitchen. Thanks for this great list!

Wow – thanks for this kitchen guide. Now its to late for xmas gifts but there are some nice products i can give as a present for the next birthdays in my family.
No. 18 is my favourite from your list! I prefer some other sticks but didnt know before the Joule Sous Vide Stick. I will give it a try! Thanks again for this great list!

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