Gift Guide 2017: The Bartender

December 4, 2017

It’s that time again . . . the annual HonestlyYUM bartender/cocktail lover gift guide is here!! Five years ago when I first pulled together this list, it was a bit difficult to find a good variety of bar related products. These days, I have to force myself to stop adding things to the list. I could go on for days! There’s really so much cool stuff out there. Hopefully there’s a thing or two below that tickles your thirst. Enjoy!!

  1. Vintage Seltzer Bottle $150 – An instant w0w piece for any home bar.
  2. One Cup Sake Gift Set $50 – Set of six one-cup sakes, ranging from extra-dry to sweet and sparkling.
  3. Copper Straws $17 – Because metal straws just make the drink taste better . . .
  4. Mayalen Borrego Mezcal $53 – This deliciously complex mezcal starts with a wild cupreata base, before steeping in nuts, fruits, and spices in the batch, then redistilled with a freshly butchered leg of lamb suspended in the still.
  5. By The Smoke and the Smell, by Thad Vogler $19 – For the true spirit nerd. Thad Vogler takes readers for a spiritous trip around the globe, shows you why he’s a Bay Area bar legend.
  6. Spritz Syrup $24 – A non-alcoholic alternative to a classic Italian bitter. Pair with sparkling wine or sparkling water!
  7. Hauck™ Julep Strainer $30 – Wonderfully designed tool. A real work of art.
  8. The Host Key $17 – Wine key + bottle opener that conveniently hangs on the bottle neck. Genius!
  9. Berry Wall Footed Mixing Glass $50 – Stir up some cocktails for you and your boo in this stunning rose-tinted crystal mixing glass.
  10. Lo-Fi Aperitifs Dry Vermouth $25 – Lately, I’ve really enjoyed mixing low ABV cocktails, which is an area in which Lo-Fi really shines.
  11. Cato™ Muddler $25 – Loving the classic shape of this sturdy hardwood muddler.
  12. Leopold Jigger Matte Black $25 – Measure your booze in style!
  13. Baby Rosé Bears $8.50 – Adult gummy bears!! Made with rosé wine from Provence.
  14. Darth Vader Ice Mold $16 – “Luke, I am your . . . I’m melting!!”
  15. Elixir Mini Bar $254 – This little space-saving piece is a perfect way to stash that spirit collection, while still keeping within arm’s reach
  16. Atomizer $6 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every bar needs an atomizer.
  17. Hella Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer $13 – Bloody Mary’s are meant to be spicy . . . Hella spicy!
  18. Bent-Nail Bottle Opener $10 – Love the simplicity of this little magnetic opener.
  19. Ikura Bartender’s Utility Knife $40 – This sturdy, forged-steel utility knife was designed with the bartender in mind.
  20. Bitter-Briques $10 – Grilling briques made from old bourbon barrels.
  21. Leather Champagne Carrier $295 – A fancy bag for that fancy bottle.
  22. Bulu Pineapple Bar Spoon $30 – Guaranteed to be the most stylish bar spoon at the bar!
  23. Mixtin Stirring Tin $50 – Get that drink extra frosty in this lovely etched cherry blossom tin.
  24. Coast Coasters $32 – Do they sell a pack of just four West Coasters? 😉


You can buy a set of West Coasters on Reed Wilson Designs! Thanks for the idea.

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