Halloween Candy Charcuterie Platter

October 24, 2017
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Halloween is my favorite holiday. Hands down. So recently, when Karen, Todd and I were styling a fall inspired cheese platter, we jokingly threw around the idea of making a candy version. I instantly volunteered myself to go to the local candy store to pick out my favorite nostalgic sweets (Sugar Daddys, waxed lips, Bottle Caps and Pop Rocks), as well as some new discoveries (Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs, gummy bug tape and insanely sour hard candies)! What started out as a joke actually proved to be a brilliant idea for any Halloween themed party. Unwrapped candy together, all on a single platter? Mwahahahaaaaa . . .

(images by HonestlyYUM)


This is one of my favorite posts you guys have ever done. In fact, I was so inspired I made it for a party this weekend and it was a HUGE hit!

OH MY GOSH!! This is the coolest thing ever! This would be SUCH a fun Halloween centerpiece!

I LOVE the idea of a Halloween-inspired cheese platter as cheese platters are def always present at any household gathering I throw. We may use this idea and take it to a whole new level for a special party Liz Ash is decorating!! pictures of the soiree will be available next week on the blog http://www.lizash.com thanks for this!

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