Gift Guide 2016: The Bartender

December 1, 2016

Another year has come and gone, and boy what a year it was. Between the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series, and the turbulent political climate following the recent presidential election, it’s hard to know what to expect these days. That is . . . besides the annual HonestlyYUM bartender/cocktail lover gift guide, of course!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is unquestionably my favorite post of the year. It’s a time to share all my favorite cocktail-related gadgets and gizmos that I’ve cataloged throughout the year. Whether you’re a home bar enthusiast, or a professional cocktail guru, hopefully you’ll find something below that suits your fancy. Audrey always makes fun of me because she knows this gift guide is really just everything I have on my wish list. What can I say . . .  she’s right!!

Gift Guide 2016: The Bartender

  1. Rolling Cooler $269 – Great addition to any backyard party or tailgate! Stop breaking your back trying to lug that heavy cooler around.
  2. Nick and Nora Glasses, Gold Trim (Set of 6) $42 – How a martini was meant to be sipped!
  3. Vincent Bartender’s Hand Salve $9 – Bartending is tough on the hands, so treat them well.
  4. The Bartender’s Knife $40 – Sleek, versatile, and extremely high-quality. For those that take their garnishes seriously.
  5. Birch Lowball Cocktail Muddler $29 – Sturdy wooden muddler – check out the size of this thing!!
  6. Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas $16 – My favorite book of the year, and a must own for any cocktail enthusiast!
  7. Bittermilk No. 7 Yuletide Old Fashioned $15 – Holiday spices, bourbon barrel, and tart cherry help makes this current Bittermilk release a seasonal dream.
  8. Gunmetal Black Julep Strainer $17 – Premium 1930s-style strainer in stunning gunmetal black.
  9. Teardrop Barspoon, Copper-Plated $15 – Stir it up, little darlin’ . . .
  10. American Oak Barrel, 1 liter $55 – Barrel-age your own spirits and cocktails!
  11. Bitters Bottle with Gold Dasher Top $22 – Forget all those mismatching bottles – elevate your home bar with these elegant, gold-topped glass bitters bottles.
  12. Gold Straws $10 – Sippin’ with style.
  13. Beer Sauce, Extra Spicy $16 – Add complexity to your beer with this deliciously spicy mixer.
  14. Pablo Brass Dog Corkscrew $20 – Dog lovers + wine lovers unite.
  15. Japanese Style Jigger 1oz/2oz, Gunmetal Black, Copper-Plated $19 – The jigger of my dreams . . .
  16. Pineapple Cocktail Shaker, Copper $80 – Nothing to see here . . . besides the coolest shaker on the planet!
  17. Seahorse Tiki Mug $16 – Whether or not you’re tiki obsessed, this seahorse mug is legit.
  18. Pedra Coasters, Teal (Set of 4) $80 – In ancient times, agate was thought to possess incredible virtues – now it can protect your coffee table from stains!
  19. Turmeric Cocktail Spice $18 – Add complexity to your next libation with a few drops of this earthy, aromatic tincture.
  20. Cotton Cocktail Napkins (Roll of 50) $31 – How cool are these?? Hooray – no more ugly cocktail napkins!
  21. Warm Sake Set $45 – Everything you need to enjoy a warm cup of umami-rich sake.
  22. Negroni Lip Balm $8 – Negroni fix, on your lips!!
  23. The Sidecar, Handcrafted Bar Cart (Price Upon Request) – A truly bespoke home bar experience, in collaboration of Jim Meehan.


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