Shades Of Grey

March 28, 2013

My first home renovation is officially underway and I’m already faced with the overwhelming task of picking out the most important details of my soon to be favorite room: the kitchen. I’ve been inspired to step off the beaten path and go grey. It’s such a handsomely neutral color and I think it pairs especially well with white marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. But with the countless variations of grey, the only question remains . . . what shade?!









(images from Desire To Inspire, Design Sponge, Decor Pad, Catherine Kwong, & Atlanta Homes)


The different shades of grey look very nice with the more old fashioned design of the cupboard doors. It would look totally different, colder with shiny and sleek modern doors with grey colour. I like these versions!

We redid our kitchen about 3 years ago, which was supposed to be a 6-8 week project that stretched to 10-12 weeks because of construction paperwork and inspections. I was so frustrated to be without a kitchen for so long that I compromised on some of the details I really wanted. I really regret it now. My advice: don’t compromise. You know what you want, insist on it. You’re already paying a lot of money for such an important redesign, it may as well be exactly what you wanted, even if it meant being without a kitchen for another 2 weeks.

I love the whitest quartz you can get. To me its modern and fresh and looks good with the grey cabinets. I wish I had gone with it, even though I love my marble because it looks nice when you cant see the stains. Next kitchen definitely doing the white quartz. Good luck with thr reno!

Great collection of Gray Kitchens. I just recently ordered new sample doors and two were in a gray finish.

I often suggest a leather finish on Marble when installed in a kitchen. It shows less spots – though a quartz product will be less maintenance.

I love the grey/purple look – dark on the lower cabinets and lighter on the uppers. So fun!

I’m loving all these grey kitchens. It’s actually really bright.
I hope you will show us your final choice.
Have fun renovating your home !

Love all these grey kitchens. I think it is so modern, good for you for stepping outside the box of white or wood. IN terms of white marble, I redid my kitchen 2 years ago and used carrara marble and I would not use it again, It is so porous, everything shows, even water if its left on there for longer than 30 mins. Ours was sealed and everything. After speaking with others after the fact about this, eVeryone has had the same experience. Most people that have theirs for a while sand it yearly and have it resealed to get rid of all of the stains. Anyway, something to keep in mind.

@Quinn, thanks for the tip! I’ve heard of others having the same issue with white marble which is so disappointing since it’s so beautiful. Some have recommended quartzite – perhaps that is a better alternative?

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