Hey Boo Coconut Jam

March 29, 2013

Coconut is having a bit of a moment. You can find coconut-anything just about anywhere, from coconut water to coconut oil. But, have you tried coconut jam yet? Also known as kaya (which hails from Southeast Asia), this delectable jam is so much more than simply jam. I fell in love with this stuff while I was in Singapore, where it’s spread on white toast with butter and topped with a runny egg. It sounds like a strange combination, but it blew my mind it was so good.  So when I came across Hey Boo coconut jam in the States, I was thrilled! Hey Boo Jams are sold mostly throughout the Bay Area, but you can order online and try their other flavors like Mango Coconut and Coconut Caramel. Coconut jam is incredible on just about anything that is edible, but my favorite way is still on toast with butter paired with runny eggs. Honestly, it’s the jam.

hey boo jam | HonestlyYUM

coconut jam | HonestlyYUM

butter | HonestlyYUM

jam spread | HonestlyYUM

Egg yolk and coconut jam toast | HonestlyYUM

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This is the first time I see kaya being featured on overseas blogs! Eh, I am Singaporean actually. 🙂
This is definitely not the colour of kaya that I grew up with, haha!
It’s normally either green(because of the pandan leaves extract) or dark brown(because of coconut sugar) in the Southeast Asia.
I really wonder what would the taste of this kaya be like!

And yah, the runny egg seems cooked for a bit long, because the egg white looks a bit solid.
Maybe you can look at this – http://ieatishootipost.sg/2010/10/mei-tian-yuen-coffeeshop-do-you-like.html

i’ve been looking for the coconut jam for years. it brought back memories of my childhood, Thanks for the information.

The coconut jam (or kaya) I grew up with did not look like lemon curd. It looked more like a darker dulce de leche. I don’t think it tastes like coconut…but then, I think most things with coconut taste more like coconut milk rather than actual coconut flesh. For me it tastes like molasses with a hint of coconut milk and a touch of pandan.

I’ve never heard of coconut jam but I love everything coconut. Looks great with toast, and I’d be interested on trying it on ice cream like the label suggests. I’ll have to try some!

This looks DELICIOUS and I’m excited to try all three jams on Hey Boo’s website. I’ll test them out on my husband and son, we love trying anything new and different.
Thank you!

Um, YUM! I’m Filipino and I’ve had coconut jam growing up- although ours has a toasted coconut taste to it. We spread it on toast and eat it with bacon and eggs!

This jam looks very interesting. The color and consistency scares me a bit, but I love everything else coconut so I will probably like it. I also think the combo of butter with coconut jam sounds weird, but I will have to try it for myself before I make any judgements.
xo Quinn
Quinn Cooper Style

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