Farmgirl Flowers Giveaway

December 14, 2015

Thank you to everyone who entered in our 12 Days Of Giveaways! We had so much fun spreading the love, with 12 of our favorite products, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to end the holiday cheer. So today, we’re extending our series with a 13th giveaway from our friends at Farmgirl Flowers! We love how Farmgirl Flowers is changing the online floral industry by sourcing affordable, seasonal flowers from US growers and local farmers. Their signature eco-friendly burlap wrapped bouquets are always stylish and beautifully arranged. So you’ve guessed it. We’re giving away a large burlap floral bouquet and a “bestie box” which includes: a seasonal candle from P.F. Candle Co., an adorable little air plant, lip balm and body scrub from Etta + Billie, a charcoal mask from Aenon’s, super addictive spicy caramel corn from CC Made, a pistachio toffee mini from Alma, and a fleur de sel dark chocolate bar from Dick Taylor. Get ready to get pampered! To enter, leave a comment below, check out all the behind the scenes action on Farmgirl Flowers’ Instagram account and a winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, December 16th – just in time for a holiday delivery! **Limited to US residents only. ***CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO LIZ LEON!



I absolutely love this content. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful flower arrangements . Keep on posting.

Those flowers are gorgeous! I love your blog — the recipes are all so good looking!

I would love to win these flowers and send them to my mom for the holidays. I’m in California and she’s in Pennsylvania. I’m unable to make it home this year, and I think that an arrangement from FarmGirl Flowers would really make her feel special.

i’m feeling lucky!! What a great giveaway. 🙂 I love the idea behind Farmgirl flowers and I’m excited to spend some time going through their beautiful instagram feed! What a great concept, and executed so beautifully. Bravo!

This bouquet is stunning! Oh, how I wish I could be the lucky girl to win this.

I guess my chances of winning this are greater than winning the lottery? And flowers and food are better than money, anyway!! 😉

Amazing giveaway! Incredibly generous of you! Farmgirl Flowers and a bestie box, just about the best combination anyone could ask for! Happy holidays to you!

This is an amazing giveaway that I would love to win….thanks for extending the days of giving and happy holidays!

Oh my gosh – I just discovered Farmgirl Flowers all on FB. I am in LOVE with their flowers and packaging! Hoping we win – it would make our holidays!

Would love to win this for my husband, he busy flowers every week at the farmer’s market.

I absolutely love flowers!!! The goodies are such a bonus, would love to share them with my besties!!

Simply beautiful and elegant, I love Farmgirl Flowers! Thanks for introducing me to a beautiful designer!

Farmgirl Flowers makes me Bay Area proud. I’m happy to see all their success. Such beautiful bouquets! Glad to find your site too!

There’s nothing as sublime as fresh cut flowers! Yes, please!

I have said it once about Farmgirl Flowers, and I will say it again….

Flowers + Awesome = FLOSOME!

They are FLOSOME!

Amazing concept and beautiful flowers. Can’t wait to give and hopefully receive from here! I just adore the burlap wrapping and natural beauty of the flowers.

I love food local tasteful flowers more than most anything. And farmgirl delivers exactly that.

These are beautiful! My boyfriend has sent me the burlap bouquet a few times – they are gorgeous and last a long time. Great style and quality!

Those girls at Farm Girl Flowers have stolen my heart. So kind of you to hold one more giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers. So glad they led me to you! Happy holidays to all !

Ive received many flowers over tge years but none have compared to Farm Girl Flowers. Ive never felt emotion towards receiving flowers until my first bouquet came. I cant wait to receive more and spread the joy to friends and family!

So in love with FG flowers!!! Such beautiful bouquets and even better locally sourced!

Beautiful arrangement! If you don’t have instragram can you still win any of the get aways…also how will you know if you win?

Wow! What an amazing opportunity to surprise someone with a gift!

Swooning over that beautiful bouquet and its show stealing friend, the bestie box. What a fun company. I can’t wait to see more.

I live in the Bay Area and I am so excited to have discovered Farmgirl Flowers; I will definitely be sending a bouquet to my sister on her birthday.

Farm Girls is my jam- i send them to err-one. My bestie is due for a shipment, though!

So beautiful! I know my mom would just love to have this bouquet delivered to her:)

Farmgirl Flowers has been a Holiday life saver! I love giving these flowers as gifts!

Mele Kalikimaka! Love FG flowers and now just discovered you. ❤️

Love FG flowers….beautiful arrangements, natural products, and local!

Love farmgirl flowers. Especially love to send them to family and friends

I’ll take fresh flowers for a year…they really mak me smile. Great giveaway!

So happy I discovered this!! So beautiful 🙂 flowers are a simple reminder to me that even in the midst of chaos and the ups and downs of life, there is still beauty and love!!

I am enamored by farmgirl floral arrangements! They have such effortless beauty!

This past weekend I married an incredible man and Farmgirl Flowers created the most beautiful bouquet for me. I would be thrilled to win this!

Wow! Glad I found another great company to follow @honestlyyum
Such a beautiful combination in this giveaway. 🙂

Absolutely love Farmgirl flowers and style!! Also, this bestie box looks AWESOME.

Always looked at the bouquets thinking of who I would send one to, but I’m not bashful to say I’d love it for myself!! Many congrats to Farmgirl Flowers for all of the press the past few months!

What a great box of treats and gorgeous bouquet! PF candles are my fave and I’d love to try the charcoal mask from Aenon! 🙂

Nothing makes me feel more special than flowers. I’ve been dying for a bunch from Farm Girl Flowers for the longest time 🙂

Ahhhh! There’s no end to the beauty and smiles that are created by all of this!

Who wouldn’t feel loved and appreciated receiving such a gorgeous assortment of gifts?! Beautiful! 🙂

Yes please! My bff would absolutely adore this. She moved from Cali to Pennsylvania this summer and needs some sunshine in her life right now!!

Getting a bouquet from a bike messenger was the coolest gift my boyfriend gave me! It’ll be so cool to be able to give it to him this time around!

So beautiful! Love your site! Would love to gift one of these fabulous bouquets to a sweet friend!

Love Farmgirl flowers have been following them for awhile. Received a beautiful burlap bunch of flowers box a few weeks ago. They’re the best in my opinion when it comes to flower delivery and getting fresh long lasting flowers. Their online ordering is simple!

I absolutely adore farm girl flowers!! Love the arrangements using seasonal flowers and more nontraditional arrangements pieces!

Such a beautiful bouquet, I don’t know how you can look at it and not smile!! Perfect gifts for my mother and my best friend.

Honestly, you should promote this where husband shop & surf the web. Honestly perfect gift!!

My husband just ordered me a farmgirl flower box for my birthday and it was incredible!!

So pretty! I’ve been swooning over the bouquets on Farmgirl Flowers’ Instagram for awhile!

Love this arrangement! Would be perfect for a surprise gift to my mom this holiday season!

Farmgirl Flowers are so beautifully done and the bestie box of goodies looks amazing!!

Gorgeous flowers! Will definitely bring cheer to my bestie, if I don’t get tempted to keep it for myself

I love Farmgirl! I got a stunningly beautiful delivery from them for my birthday.

Wow, I love this giveaway! What amazing, hand-picked goodies to look forward to. Good luck to all and my fingers are crossed. Happy holidays!

Thanks for letting us know more about Farmgirl & i’ll follow their Instagram feed. All of these artisans are incredible!!

Saw farmgirlflowers grow from the beginning! Keep up the good work!

What a lovely giveaway! All of my favorite things. Can’t wait to use FGF at my wedding next May 🙂

Farmgirl is the BEST! I wish I lived in SF so I could take one of their amazing classes. Winning would be almost as fun!

I absolutely love Farmgirl flowers and how they are revolutionizing the flower industry! Such a fun giveaway, fingers crossed!!

I seriously love farmgirl flowers (and this giveaway), their arrangements are always beyond gorgeous!

So great! Been wanting to get my hands on a farmgirl flower arrangement for some time now!

Farmgirl flowers are simply the best. Many thanks to my super hip mom for introducing me to them & the awesome things they do!

Love Farmgirl flowers! We got an arrangement for Thanksgiving and it did not disappoint!

Beautiful arrangement. Had you guys for my last party and it was perfect. Thanks.

I love theses flowers! There such a great “thinking of you” gift idea!

LOVE Farmgirl Flowers, their philosophy and beautiful arrangements!

What a wonderful & festive giveaway – thanks Honestly Yum & Farmgirl Flowers! Two of my faves – what more could you ask for in getting ready this holiday season?

Just in time for my birthday! 🙂 Celebrating all that is beautiful and sustainable in SF.

Gorgeous box and flowers. A gift I would enjoy since my dad just passed away.

I would be so so thrilled to win this- I have always wanted a Farmgirl flowers bouquet, and more than anything would like to be able to send this along to my mom. Thank you for this giveaway!

Amazing! Love all the arrangements farmgirlflowers puts together

Absolutely gorgeous. my mom would love this beautiful gift. Happy holidays!

An aspiring florist myself, this is one of my favorite companies!

Farmgirl is amazing. Love their arrangements. I received an arrangement in March and my mother still uses some (leafy) pieces in her arrangements! Can you believe it? She definitely has a green thumb. This bestie box also sounds to die. Love!

I have fallen in love with the Farmgirl Flowers and excited to see that they ship to other cities. That Bestie box is amazing. My mom loves to grow flowers and is home-bound this holiday and not able to enjoy all the festivities this year and this giveaway would really brighten her day. Thank you for having another giveaway.

I love Farmgirl Flowers! I wish they would open up shop here in Miami….or let me open a branch for them!! 🙂

Farmgirl is amazing. Love their arrangements. I received an arangenent in March and my mother still uses some (leafy) pieces in her arrangements! Can you believe it? She definitely has a green thumb. This bestie box also sounds to die. Love!

I am such a fan of Farmgirl flowers! One of my favorite Instagram accounts…such a great idea 🙂 happy holidays!

I love everything about this giveaway. It actually gave me a great idea for my mother-in-law this Christmas!

IN hoosier here! Have purchased several boutiques for friends and family. I’d LOVE one for myself

This is awesome! I love their whole company concept, and their bouquets are STUNNING!

I would LOVE to win this as I have been wanting flowers from them for some time now. I ordered from them for a friend a few months back and she loved them!

So gorgeous! Would love to send this to my bestie for her December birthday!

The flowers are gorgeous! And this giveaway is incredibly generous and exciting ! Thanks so much and happy holidays ❤️

Love these flower and can’t wait to try the bestie box with my real life bestie!

This is amazing! I love their brand and keep up with them on instagram!!

Amazing! I wish farmgirl flowers would have a monthly subscription, so that I could send my mom that lives 2000 miles away flowers every month to let her know I’m thinking about her all the time!

I just found this Instagram account and love it!! Wish I could get flowers from here every week!!

Would love to win! Started following Farmgirl on Instagram and love the pics.

I thought I wanted to give these to my Bestie but after reading everything that it includes I’m tempted to keep it for myself ! (if I’m the lucky winner of course)

I love everything Farmgirl Flowers does, it’s something I would love to see spread across the country!

I absolutely love the “bestie” box and farm girl flower idea! All of the products seems beautifully pampering!

Love Farmgirl Flowers! Pick me, por favor : ) Also, your food photography is amazing! I want to eat everything.

Wow I hadn’t heard about this company and I’m excited to check them out – this is gorgeous!

Yay! I love Farmgirl flowers– they are always so crisp and thoughtfully put together.

This looks amazing! The bestie box is exactly what I’ve been looking for to get my girlfriends for Christmas!

I would love to receive this before Christmas. I love Farmgirl flowers.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Would love win, and give flowers to my Christmas boo❤️

BEAUTIFUL!!! How many times have I seen Farmgirl flowers come to the office and wished they had my name on them:) I’ve loved these 12 days— now cheers to the secret surprise 13th!!

As a mother and armchair naturalist, everything about this wonderful company resonates deeply with me. Their sustainable, locally and seasonally sourced approach is what the world needs, and their overall aesthetic and approach to arranging is just so lovely and inspiring! It’s my birthday this week and I would love to pay it forward and send this gift to my mother as a gesture of gratitude for all that she’s done for me.

This is the perfect everything – would make a great hostess gift or pick-me-up for a sick friend.

This would be a beautiful gift for my precious best friend. Whether I win or not I will have to purchase these adorable items! The flowers are just so darling ❤️

love farmgirl flowers – an unique take on bouquets. and love honestly yum too of course (;

I love Farmgirl Flowers!! Would love to send this to my bestie for the Holidays!

i would LOVE to be able to send this to my bestie for christmas (since we can’t physically be together) x

Ah this is the cutest gift basket ever! I love every thing that’s in there!

I can’t remember the last time I received flowers and these are stunning!

Flowers are such a beautiful gift this time of year. They offer that extra bit of beauty and encouragement when everything is dark and grey.

wow, there flowers are gorgeous, thanks for an awesome giveaway

SO in love and enamored by Farmgirl Flowers stunning arrangements! The “bestie box” sounds incredible too 🙂

Oh these are so beautiful and would be amazing to have for the holidays! Thank you so much for the chance to win them!

I love watching those clever ladies on IG. They also had a class on Creative Live that was awesome on how to make garlands.

Love Farmgirl Flowers – they’re always so beautiful and the signature burlap completes the look!

Thanks for the chance to win an extra giveaway! These flowers are beautiful.

The bouquet is so pretty! And I love that they call the package a “bestie box”.

Who wouldn’t love to get flowers as a surprise gift? Lovely give-away..thanks!!

These flowers are gorgeous and I love how you’ve kept the giving going!

This is fantastic. I love the idea that this company is thinking differently. Happy Holidays!!

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