Boursin Cheese Platter

December 17, 2015
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A hearty cheese platter is probably the easiest and most impressive course to assemble, which is why it’s one of my favorite things to serve when entertaining. And guess what? Sometimes, it can be the only hors d’oeuvre you’ll need and it doesn’t even require a variety of cheese.

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Serving a single cheese is plenty sufficient. Boursin® Cheese, for example, has the perfect creamy and crumbly texture and is versatile enough to pair with just about any accompaniments – just be sure to include a bountiful assortment to inspire your guests to taste interesting and surprisingly delicious combinations! Check out a few of our pairing suggestions after the jump . . .

Pomegranate | HonestlyYUM

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Pairing tips for the perfect cheese platter:

  • Assorted crackers: choose a variety of crackers – Try flatbreads, crackers with dried fruit and nuts and even rice crackers for your gluten-free guests.
  • Fresh fruit and nuts: Fruit and nuts are a great palette brightener, balancing out the saltiness of the cheese. Pick what fruit is in season and in most cases, you can just break the fruit open and lay them out in their most beautiful, natural state. Serve nuts unsalted.
  • Dry cured meats: Meats like prosciutto add substance and heft to cheese like nothing else. Prosciutto di Parma also has a sweeter and nuttier flavor than most cured meats, which pairs nicely with Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs.
  • Sweets: Cheese paired with fig jam and honey can only be described as a flavor explosion. That combination of salty and sweet is simple perfection!
  • Olives: Olives add a nice tangy sharpness to a cheese as mild as Boursin.
  • Chocolate: I’ll find any excuse to include two of my favorite indulgences on a single platter. But honestly, a bite of silky milk chocolate, paired with cheese, will surprise your senses. Try it!


Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

Boursin Cheese Platter | HonestlyYUM

(images by HonestlyYUM; this post was created in partnership with Boursin – opinions are our own)


This is a gorgeous cheese platter. I love the variety of accompaniments to the cheese: they are flavorful and chromatic, and not necessarily traditional. It looks like a fun board to devour!

What are the dark multispeed crispbreads you’ve got on the platter called? I had them once at a party and remember loving them but I haven’t seen them since!

Such a beautifully put together cheese platter – the textures and colors are amazing. I’d love to dig in and eat more than I should!

This cheese platter is everything! And I love the chocolate I see there too ;).

This looks like heaven on a platter. Perfect for holiday entertaining!

You guys are literally the winner of making platters! Love Boursin cheese (especially stuffed in mushrooms)

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