Day 8: Tartine

December 8, 2015
12 Days of Christmas,2015

For those of you who have not had a chance to wait in a long line down Guerrero Street in San Francisco with the smell of butter taunting you, you are missing out (no, really you are). Tartine Bakery makes some of the most amazing breads, croissants and other pastries and desserts in the world! Today’s giveaway is a whole set of 4 Tartine cookbooks including a Bar Tartine cookbook, a sister restaurant to Tartine Bakery. Master the art of bread making with Tartine Bread cookbook or take on a baking project and make their incredible Tres Leches Cake. Or get experimental in the kitchen with the Bar Tartine cookbook and ferment some honey or brine some mushrooms. These cookbooks will introduce you to a whole world of new flavors and techniques you’ve never seen or heard of! To enter to win the set of cookbooks, simply leave a comment below and a winner will be randomly selected on Friday, December 11th. *Limited to U.S. and Canada residents only. *** CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The winner is Avra. Thanks for participating!!****

Tartine books

Bar Tartine Cookbooks


(images by HonestlyYUM)


Gorgeous! One of my resolutions for 2016 is to learn how to make bread

One of my favorite west coast vacation memories is a picnic of all Tartine pastries and my kids’ hands grabbing and sharing and loving it.

These would be perfect for learning how to balance books on my head! Also, recipes.

Oh heck yes! My cookbook library would be much closer to complete with these selections!

I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting Tartine Bakery, but I hope I will someday. I’d love to win these cookbooks 🙂

to say that I am an avid cookbook collector would be an understatement…I heard a lot of great things about the Tartine cook/baking books and would love to add them to my ever growing collection. Thanks for offering this giveaway

I love Tartine and have one of the books. I would love to complete the collection.

These are so beautiful, I would love to try out that Tartine bread!

Thanks for the giveaway. Love the tartine books a valuable resource for bread baking.

Wow.. Have wanted to visit the “tartines” since Chad spoke at our local bookstore! Books might be the next best thing…great post!

Tartine has been on my list of must-visit places in San Francisco! I would love to own these.

These sound so special- have always wanted the Tartine cookbook!

I wanna try all these recipes! I have heard so many great things about Tartine Bakery!

Oh, how wonderful! My mouth is already watering…and the oven is heating up now!

Wonderful addition to my cookbook collection…can you ever have too many?

I would just die to have all these books! pretty late to the game but hoping there still is a chance for me to play.

I have Bar Tartine already but I have been eyeing the other books….

These look wonderful, I’ve just started to dip my toe into bread making, so this could be a wonderful tool.

I live down the street from Tartine in San Francisco, and would love to (attempt to) replicate their recipes!

Tartine is the best! I’ve been wanting their bread cookbook for ages.

Oh What beautiful pastries! and a beautiful cookbook. Would love it!

I absolutely love going to tartine when I visit my family in SF. Totally worth the wait in the line that wraps around the side of the building :]

Bar Tartine is on our list to try, and we’d love to check out the cookbooks first!

Help me make this holiday a Tartine tasty dream… Please!!! Happy holidays folks!!

These would be beautiful and just make me even more inclined to bake excessively this season! A win-win for all!

I’ve been dying to buy these books for so long! What a fabulous prize.

Gah, what I wouldn’t give… It’s been a rough year. A little holiday prize winning would feel pretty great. Thanks for the chance!

Tartine is the best- and these would be the perfect way to avoid the line at the bakery 😉

I haven’t spent much time in SF at all. Dying to get out there and try Tartine.

I’m a glutton for gluten AND I’ve figured out how to adapt recipes for altitude! Love these books! And they’d be welcome in my collection, which is about to top 80! Happy holidays!

My chef friend recommended these books to me – they’re delightful!

It looks like we’re going to set up our baking skills!

All the best,

Definitely time for me to up my cooking game! These cookbooks would be perfect.

Would love to give this to my mom! Tartine is her favorite spot in SF!

Not familiar with this; however, everyone’s comments are making me hungry for this bread & would love to try making these delights. Yum!

Despite the millions of recipes on the internet, there is nothing like cooking from a cookbook!

One of the first things my boyfriend and I did together was learn how to make bread – and Tartine was our go-to for inspiration! We lived in Montreal but our first vacation together was to visit family in California. And on our first morning in San Fran we waited in line for our beloved Tartine goods while reminiscing of beginning bread making (how hard it is!) and the start of us!

Mais oui! The perfect cookbook for the most wonderful time of the year…..

xo Madame Directrice

These cookbooks would be such a great addition! Always on the lookout for new recipes to try.

Bar Tartine is one of our favorite SF restaurants! I’d love to get a taste of that at home 🙂

SO much to love about Tartine! I just visited for the first time this past October and I think we took one of everything with us! What an inspiring bakery so I know their books will be just as much so! Thank you for this opportunity!

Oooh – I haven’t bought myself any cookbooks this year. Would love to win these!!!

Bar tartine was one of the most incredible meals and experiences I have ever had!!! Still talk about it and can’t wait to go back!!!

These books are beautiful and would make a great gift for my husband who loves to cook

I’ve only ever seen the Bar Tartine book. It is so cool and beautiful. I would love to explore these a little more. I love bread making, the time that goes into it and the wonderful smell that fills the whole house! It would great to get some new inspiration in my kitchen!

My grandmother lives in San Fran and walks here every week– count me in this giveaway!!!!

I’ve only been there twice but whenever I rent a car when I travel to SF, it is on my list 🙂

I love cookbooks and trying new recipes- reminds me of being at home with my mom in Italy. Good vibes! Cheers

These cookbooks look amazing and have been on my wish list for ages!! #Ihavethisthingwithcookbooks

What a classic SF collection! I love Tartine and have braved that line many a time for some deliciousness!

Love Tartine and would love to try out some of their recipes myself. Thanks!

Again…this new kitchen could be well served with cooking on a beautiful new range.

I was bread to be a baker. (but I need these books to achieve my destiny)

This is an amazing giveaway! Dreaming of going to Tartine Bakery some day…

It should be illegal to let me bake, but I will ALWAYS try. These books are gorgeous

Would love to give these cookbooks a home in my little kitchen! Always looking for new bread recipes!

I don’t know how I would choose what to make flipping through these!

Yes! We go to Tartine every time we are in SF. Even though my husband hates looking for a parking place! Breads and pastries are amazing!

I’ve purchased a few of these books as gifts for others. It’d be nice to have a set for myself.

What a dreamy set of books!!! Would love to add them to my collection! I ❤️ Tartine!

I’ve borrowed these from the library. Would love to have them in my collection.

Those books are gorgeous! And it doesn’t hurt they’re filled with recipes for tasty treats

I love Tartine! Go there frequently when I’m in the city. Hoping to add these to my cookbook library.

Every time I visit my sister in SF, I try to stop by Tartine. I’d love to have their cookbooks!

Since I can’t make it out to Guerrero Street in San Francisco would love these instead.

Their almond croissant is spectacular! Thanks for the post and happy holidays.

These beautiful books would look so pretty on my cookbook shelf! 🙂

NEED these in my life. Would be the perfect addition to my cookbook collection 🙂

I have been longing to visit Tartine so having these cookbooks would bring me one step closer!

This looks amazing! Just found your site and fell in love and all the pictures are so lovely I would love to win these cook books because I love cooking and it’s always better when I follow recipes 🙂

My husband has Tartine Bread and makes the most amazing bread ever! I can’t imagine what he’ll make if he gets his hands on your other books.

as a a baker’s daughter, I have yet to gain the confidence in bread baking my dad has! can’t wait to dive into these lovely books. bread with everything.

Another reason to motivate us to fix up our kitchen after the oven broke the night before thanksgiving!

Yes! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these Bar Tartine cookbooks for a while now.

I am learning realbread baking from tartine#3 and tartine and I bet other two would be perfect for advancing the skills and would love to have them.

Please pick my name!!! I love your site and adore Tartine…

My kitchen library could use a good facelift, but this set could also provide me with better recipes to source from!

I have always wanted one of these books and never could get myself to splurge on them. I would bake the hell out of them, awesome giveaway!

Ever since my BFF smuggled a loaf of bread on her flight from SFO to PDX for me, I have been obsessing over Tartine and would love to learn to bake with the help of Tartine.

These look beautiful! I would love to add them to my collection 🙂

These cookbooks are BEAUTIFUL! I would die to have all of them in my kitchen!

Love this gift – I love to find new ways to cook more and be creative in the kitchen.

I’ve made Tartine’s lemon squares before and it was the best dessert I’ve ever made. Pick me! 🙂 Please

Oh! I could make a Tres Leches cake for my abuela and see what she thinks!

I have been wanting to replicate my favorite (Downtown LA’s Industriel smoked salmon) tartine for a year! Would die to have these!

I have just gotten into bread making so I do need a good guide… And the Tartine books are stunningly beautiful!

I would love to have Tartine in my cookbook collection.
Thank you for the wonderful selection.

I already have the Bar Tartine techniques book BUT cold dead fingers, never lending it to anyone. A second one would make a wonderful gift!

Pick me please! These would make an amazing addition to my cookbook collection!

I’ve been feeling a little lazy in the kitchen lately.. these would definitely help spice things up a bit! Thanks for the chance 🙂

Tartine is my absolute favorite! I have been eyeing this cookbook for years!!

I have BarTartine-super awesome,easy to understand,great technique. Need the other 3 books, please.

ive been debating whether or not to get this book, i think this is a sign! i hope i win this beautiful book

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