Gift Guide 2015: The Bartender

December 4, 2015

Once again, the holiday season is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’re ready for a drink. After all, Fiona is approaching 16 months and practically guaranteed to pull down our Christmas tree. This annual gift guide for the bartender/drink lover has quickly become my favorite piece of the year. It’s where I send all my friends and family when they ask me for gift ideas. Plus, putting it together is always a blast! I pour myself a glass of eggnog, throw on some holiday tunes, slip on a big comfy sweater, and get to work. As always, I tried my best to represent a wide range of gifts – both in price and in function. All of which I’d be more than happy to find under the (soon-to-be-broken) tree. Just sayin’ . . . Holiday Gift Guide 2015: The Bartender

  1. Gold-Plated Usagi™ Cobbler Shaker $77 – Beautiful centerpiece to any bar cart.
  2. 3D Shape Cocktail Chiller Set $35 – Keep your booze cool with these artfully made geometric stones.
  3. The Oak Bottle $80 – Barrel-age your wine/spirit in days instead of months/years.
  4. Candy Cane Bottle Opener $10 – ’tis the season to pop some bottles!
  5. Shibori-Dyed Cocktail Napkins (Set of 4) $24 – Your guests might want to snag these steal from your next cocktail party.
  6. Sake Gumi, Sake Club (6-month membership) $174 – Learn about sake the best way possible . . . by drinking it! Two bottles per month for six months.
  7. Del Maguey Copita (6-piece set + fan palm basket) $14 – As mezcal was meant to be sipped.
  8. Bull In China Black Walnut Ice Mallet $110 – The Mother of all ice mallets.
  9. Stainless Steel Straws (set of 6) $15 – Because you can never have enough reusable straws.
  10. Large Pineapple Tumbler (Gold) $99 – Beautiful, functional, fun – simply my favorite tumbler on the market.
  11. Camping Without Beer – Stainless Steel Beer Glass $13.50 – Truth.
  12. Mixology Dice (pouch) $24 – Super fun way to learn about cocktails.
  13. Skull Barspoon $28 – This eye-catching barspoon was developed in collaboration with the great Beachbum Berry.
  14. Edible Fragrance – Charred Bourbon Barrel $18 – Creatively enhance your cocktails with these enchanting aromatics.
  15. R2D2 Hip Flask $10 – Grab it in time for the new Star Wars release!!
  16. Hella Bitters Cola Tonic Syrup $13 – Two classic mixers is one = hella good!
  17. Salt Shot Glasses (set of 4) $28 – Tequila shots anyone…
  18. Jackson Cannon Bar Knife $79 – Sleek and versatile. For those that take their garnishes seriously.
  19. Extinct Abbott’s Bitters $25 – The bitters used in the original Manhattan cocktail recipe.
  20. Gold-Platted Leopold® Jigger $29 – Measure your pours with style.
  21. The Cocktail Chronicles $17 -My favorite cocktail book of the year, from Paul Clarke, Editor of Imbibe Magazine.


Ok, I know what I want to find next to my Festivus pole this year, that pineapple tumbler. Actually any of these would be great!

Great list. I love the sake membership. I enjoy sake but don’t really know a lot of nuances between different ones.

That gold pineapple tumbler!! I wouldn’t mind if that showed up under my tree, along with the wallpaper showcased on W&P’s website. Swoon. And that Leopold jigger wouldn’t be refused, either. Nice lineup!!

Todd, this gift guide is perfection. I’d be thrilled to find any (or of course, all) of these under our shelf this year (shelf, as we don’t have room for a Christmas tree in this tiny dwelling). That Leopold jigger is gorgeous!

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