Javiva Blended Coffee

April 23, 2015

I undoubtedly owe my coffee obsession to Peet’s. For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched my dad consume a seemingly irrational amount of Major Dickason’s blend. Naturally, this passion for a strong caffeinated cup (or three) was passed from father to son, and I too found myself gravitating to the corner of Walnut and Vine – Peet’s very first location which opened in 1966 – to grab a pound of beans. Recently, my interest in coffee has cooled a bit. In fact, it’s frozen. Javiva Blended coffee is made with fresh brewed coffee, and I would expect nothing less coming from Peet’s. Thankfully, I no longer have to limit my coffee fix to foggy Berkeley mornings. In fact, given this relentless California heat, it looks like I’ll be doing my best to keep it cool more often than not these days.

Peet's Javiva Blended Coffee #StandUpForFresh

Inside the Original Peet's Coffee, Berkeley, CA

Peet's Javiva Blended Coffee #StandUpForFresh

Peet's Javiva Blended Coffee #StandUpForFresh

Peet's Javiva Blended Coffee #StandUpForFresh

Peet's Javiva Blended Coffee #StandUpForFresh

The Original Peet's Coffee Location, Berkeley, CA

(Visit your local Peet’s, from 12-4pm, for 50% off any Javiva product until May 12. This post is sponsored by Peet’s Coffee. Opinions are our own. Images by HonestlyYUM)


I’ve tried the mochaJaviva and is sweeter than the freddo also taste like it has malt in it. My wife and I prefer the freddo. Hopefully Peet’s will continue serving it.

Javiva is too sweet for my taste. So hope the original frosty drink (with grounds!) is brought back.

I had one of these yesterday for the first time and it was delicious! That first photo makes me want another one….

I love that you highlight the original Peets in Berkeley. To me this is a very special post because you are emphasizing the products of a special brand with a very particular local origin that has been well maintained, valued and celebrated all these years. I think it is worth noting that the virtues of Peets no doubt begin with high quality beverages and great service, but really gains deeper meaning in the way they are a point of communal belonging for the many people who enjoy coming daily to Peets, a Peets that is more than a beverage, a Peets that is a local establishment.

Ahhh, a strong cup or 2 (or 3…5?) of Major D from Peets…nothing like it. Peets IS an institution in Berkeley and beyond. When I used to run early in the mornings in that North Berkeley neighborhood I could almost get a coffee buzz simply by being near their original shop on Walnut and Vine. As always Todd, your photos are perfect. And as the temps heat up, that foamy, creamy deliciousness just begs you to stop in and have 1..or 2…or 5! 😉

This Peets is a Berkeley original. A slice of Americana from days long gone. Thank you for posting this. Love the photos!

I love how people in the Bay Area are so split on their coffee loyalties. I was a major Peet’s lover too when I was up there!

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