Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi

March 2, 2015

Kimchi is an incredibly versatile condiment. For those who haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of kimchi, kimchi is cabbage that is fermented in chili, garlic, onions and other seasonings. Because kimchi is naturally fermented, its natural bacteria is great for your digestive health. Over the years, I’ve started incorporating it into many dishes but I love to eat it with just about everything. (Tip: Kimchi and eggs go really well together!). I only recently started trying Mother-in-Law’s kimchi and I am hooked. It’s tangy, effervescent, and got incredibly complex flavors compared to other brands of kimchi I’ve tried. You can buy it here or I usually get it at our local Whole Foods. Be prepared to pick up many jars of this stuff because you’ll go through it really fast. Stay tuned, because we’ve got some kimchi-inspired dishes for you this week!

Mother in law's kimchi | HonestlyYUM

Mother-in-law's kimchi | HonestlyYUM

Kimchi | HonestlyYUM

Kimchi | HonestlyYUM

Mother in law's kimchi | HonestlyYUM
(images by HonestlyYUM)


You really ought to make your own kimchee – it’s easier than a lot of the other recipes on this site. It is so much better when you make it yourself, and much cheaper too!

Kimchi is definitely versatile! It really kicks your meal up a notch~! My mom used to make kimchi and she would add slices of apples too which naturally sweetens the kimchi flavor. If only I can have some right now =)


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