Gift Guide 2014: The Baker

December 15, 2014

With just 10 days left until Christmas, we’re rounding up some last minute gift ideas for the cake maker, bread lover, pie connoisseur and cookie monster . . .


1. Flour Water Salt Yeast $20 – This is the bread bible – a great gift for the burgeoning bread baker.

2. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Cards $12 – Adorable recipe cards that fit perfectly in Rifle’s recipe box (see below).

3. Wood Cake Server $19 – Rustic cake server made from beautiful teak wood.

4. Christmas Figures Dish Towel $17 – These festive dish towels are adorable and affordable!

5. Rifle Hardwood Recipe Box $145 – Not your average recipe box, these boxes are made from salvaged hardwood and screen printed with Rifle’s signature prints.

6. ABC Carpet & Home Hourglass $14 – Like the sands of time . . .

7. Handkerchief Print Apron $36 – It’s important to look chic in the kitchen, no?

8. Embossing Rolling Pin $38 – How fun would it be to emboss cookies, pie crusts and fondant with these Polish folk patterns?

9. Kitchen Aid Flex Edge Beater $30 – Any baker would appreciate this beater, with a flexible edge that is perfect for scraping every last bit of batter from that mixing bowl.

10. Unbleached Mini Muffin Cups $4 – A classic and a perfect stocking stuffer.

11. Goat’s Milk Caramel Sauce $12 – Caramel sauce made from goat’s milk by Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield, Vermont . . . one for you, two for me.

12. Steel Counterweight Scale $279 – This traditional scale has been produced in England since 1862 and would look so beautiful on any kitchen counter.

13. PieBox $35 – We love these reusable wooden pie carriers that keep pies intact and safe.

14. French Kitchen Pastry Slab $50 – Marble stays cool, which keeps dough firm and workable – a must!

15. Layer Cake Slicing Kit $60 – This nifty slicing kit lets the baker slice up to eight cake layers for tiered and layered cakes.

16. French Coil Whisk $6 – Cream and eggs never whipped so easily!

17. Hexagon Cookie Cutters $14 – Ever seen a hexagon cookie cutter?!

18. Enamel Prep Bowl Set $108 – Love these charming prep bowls – perfect for keeping that kitchen counter tidy and clean.

19. Half Dozen Terracotta Egg Rack $19 – A beautifully crafted egg rack for keeping those eggs at room temperature.


Another WOW! the rolling pin is great I’ve never seen one like it .

Wow, that rolling pin is calling my name! I’m thinking of my various recipes and drooling a bit. Not to mention, the embossing would make it easy to decorate with kids…

I want that embossing rolling pin like you have no idea. Top of the wishlist. Pinned so many things on this gift guide!

Everything looks so great! I love the marble pastry slab!

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