Milk Chicken

October 13, 2014

** GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED AND A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN (congratulations to Bailey Pollack!) **

Call me simple, but one of my favorite things in the world is really good roast chicken. Executed well, I’d choose it over a steak (just can’t get enough of that crispy chicken skin). I haven’t strayed from my routine roast chicken recipe for years– it’s a dry brine with lemon and onions smothered in butter. It’s fantastic. So when I saw this milk chicken recipe by Jamie Oliver, I never thought I’d get around to trying it. Sounds intriguing, right? I finally had a reason to give this milk chicken a go when I got this gorgeous burnt orange cast iron Staub Cocotte. The chicken was so incredibly moist and I just loved the intense lemon, sage and cinnamon flavor.

Milk chicken & Staub | HonestlyYUM

Allow the chicken to get to room temperature before cooking.


When you’re ready to cook, start by heating a glug of olive oil over medium high heat. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Generously season the chicken inside and out with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Chicken ingredients

First, sear the breast until golden. Then, turn the chicken on each side searing both sides. Finally, sear the back of the chicken. Remove the chicken onto a large plate and drain the oil from the pot.

Milk chicken

Add the sage, garlic cloves, half cinnamon stick, lemon zest, and milk to the pot. Nestle the chicken inside breast up. Transfer to the oven to roast uncovered. Roast for about 1 1/2 hours basting the chicken with the milk juice once in between.

La cocotte

The milk will curdle from the lemon zest, but that’s normal.

Milk chicken & Staub give away | HonestlyYUM

Carve and serve up your roast chicken with the milk drippings over it. And enjoy my favorite part, the roasted garlic cloves!

Milk chicken | HonestlyYUM

I used this round Cocotte.




  • 1 3-4 pound organic free-range whole chicken
  • 1/2 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 handful of fresh sage leaves
  • peeled zest of two lemons
  • a head of garlic cloves, skins on
  • 2 1/2 cups of whole milk
  • Olive oil
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper


  • Allow the chicken to get to room temperature before cooking.
  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Heating a glug of olive oil over medium high heat. Generously season the chicken inside and out with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Sear the breast until golden. Then, turn the chicken on each side searing both sides. Finally, sear the back of the chicken. Remove the chicken onto a large plate and drain the oil from the pot.
  • Add the sage, garlic cloves, half cinnamon stick, lemon zest, and milk to the pot. Nestle the chicken inside breast up. Transfer to the oven to roast uncovered. Roast for about 1 1/2 hours basting the chicken with the milk juice once in between. The milk will curdle from the lemon zest, but that’s normal.
(recipe images by HonestlyYUM)


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hey there. I was wondering. what size pot did you use for this? i want to buy one, but want to be sure i get the right size to hold a chicken. thanks!

Hmm…seems to be a mistake here.The top section with the pictures says to roast covered, but the recipe below says uncovered. I made this uncovered in a cast iron skillet and it came out fine, but all my liquid evaporated. I’m guessing it would be much better covered!

You’re right– it’s supposed to be uncovered. Fixing the mistake now, thanks!

I’d make Peach Cobbler for desert and fried chicken with vegetables for the main dish!

I like you both on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson
I would make Senate Bean Soup
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

Amazing giveaway! With this set I’d try to make my first turkey dinner!

I’d See how a Pork Shoulder does in it… OVER & OVER….

I liked you both on Facebook and if I win I’m going to make lots of soups and stews with this cookware.

I would make A nice osso buco over A saffron rice.Chicken and dumplings all homemade nothing store bought.Braised short ribs,with roasted finger ling potatoes and some sauteed seasonal vegetables.wild mushroom bisque.The meals,appetizers,deserts and baked goods would be endless.I would definitely get some serious use from them and make countless friends and family very happy with all of the culinary delights.I just need them to get started:)

OH MY GOD. I would make THIS. I’d also make chili with freshly roasted peppers, and beef stew, and curry-roasted chicken. I’d make ALL the things!! =)

I will make my dad’s venison and chocolate stew inside the Coq au Vin and my famous breakfast fritata with pork and apple sausage in the 12″ frying pan. Oh, and a pumpkin beer bread inside the cocotte. Gosh, these belong in my kitchen!!! 🙂

I would make my famous Camp Stew and Pulled Pork BBQ! Love to eat this in the Fall of the Year! Delish! Thanks for this opportunity!

So many things (including this Milk Chicken – it looks like a great recipe), but I’d start with cassoulet!

I would make my coconut ginger chicken mushroom stoup – a soup so full of goodness it is almost a stew! My favorite!
Then I would make my creamy asiago polenta with a primavera sauce because it’s fall comfort food. I have always wanted a Staub pan and would use it almost everyday!

I love Staub, their kitchenware is so stunning!! I am making this milk chicken with my aunt and cousin (we get together every Tuesday to try an exciting new recipes) and it would be that much better to make it in this beautiful pot! We were all drooling over them- please pick me!!

I have loved Staub for forever and am excited to see them profiled! I’d make coq au vin immediately if I won. So yummy!

What would I not make in the dishes; it’s perfect for all kinds of soups and stews but I would start with this Milk Chicken.
A M A Z I N G give-away. Many thanks for the chance to win!

I follow you both on Facebook as David Lintz. If I won I would use this to make a beef stew. This time of year, when it is getting colder, there is nothing better than a warm beef stew.

If I won I’d be making this amazing looking milk chicken recipe of course!

I’d make braised short ribs that I’ve been dying to try! I mean, how rad is that green color?!

I’d make a big batch of New Mexico green chili stew (Posole).

With this cookware, I’d finally have the courage to try cooking a roast chicken and potatoes.

Every fall I make at least one pot of harvest soup with fresh sqash, cooked pumpkin, carrots, and this year I’d love to go nuts and include a swirl of sweet pickled beets and another of sour cream for serving (and a sprig of rosemary). How gorgeous would that be at next V.A. food day in a Staub pot with a cute chicken on top! But that beefy mushroom pot pie makes me weak in the knees… Of course if i win the giveaway I can make both! (The pot pie would be family sized, not mini. )

I plan on making risotto or a nice roast now that it is the Fall season. The meal would definitely be Instagram worthy in these beautiful pans.

I would make chicken from one of Ina’s cookbooks and would soon after try this milk chicken

I would make Jaime Olivers beef stew with butternut squash and artichokes

I would probably make Butternut squash soup because its Fall ! I have one Staub pot I got when I was married and I cherish it.

Those are beautiful! I would make all the stews in the world! And that milk chicken recipe looks delicious…might have to give that a try, too!

I definitely would be making roast chicken but I think I’d start with a yummy pot roast! Thanks. Hoping!

The cookware would be perfect for making Chicken Fricassee and would add a colorful pop to my kitchen decor!

If I were to win this fabulous Staub set I would….. make a garlicky chicken ragout in the 5.75 qt Coq au Vin, a gorgonzola frittata in the fry pan and crème brulee in the cocotte. All in that order 🙂

I’ve been meaning to try this milk chicken recipe but don’t have a suitable pot!

I honestly might just arrange the pans on my mantle and gaze at them lovingly- holy insanely expensive! But your chicken would be too tempting not to try.

I would make Cochinita Pibil for my Husband. I am sure it will not be as good as his Mom’s but it certainly will look great in that pot!

That roast chicken looks amazing! I so want to try it. That would be first!!!!

I would check in your chicken recipe! I love the little rooster on the lids! I raise chickens so its right up my alley!

This is so exciting. October 20 is my 1st year wedding anniversary. I would love to win and I would of course make this Milk Chicken to celebrate as it sounds absolutely stunning. After that the sky’s the limit. Pot of garbanzo beans, my favorite Beef Stew with Gluten Free Belgium Beer, a lovely pot of red sauce for my Italian Man, the fun and joy would be endless as this beautiful cookware would live on and on and on. Thank you for this opportunity!

I would make my mom’s chicken and dumplings – best comfort food. Gorgeous giveaway!

Beef supper made with a beef roast, carrots, onion, potatoes and spices topped with a pkg of Lipton onion dry soup mix, and a small head of shredded cabbage. NUMMY 😀

I would make A nice osso buco and A safforn rice for it to lay on 🙂 One of my all time favorites:)

I spent almost all of my time in the kitchen entertaining, and preparing new dishes. Honestly Yum has been such an inspiration for my recipes! I would finally be able to plow through “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” with the proper tools. I’ve been wanting to try and make Coq de Vin, but I cannot afford the right dish ware!


i would first make Julia Child’s classic Bouef Borginnone– I can make it better than I can spell it!

I would make roasted Cornish hen with root vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes) and onions.

I would make pulled pork tacos (corn tortillas) with spicy apple /cabbage/cilantro slaw and caramelized onion cheddar cheese! It is a recipe I made up but its definitely a crowd pleaser (and super easy)!

in the pan fried chicken,in the smaller pot homemade mac and cheese,in the big pot i would make beef soup

I would totally make chili. Or perhaps a pumpkin soup. I love staub :)!!!

Jalapeno cheddar cornbread, a hearty pot of pulled pork chilli and a brussel sprout & root vegetable hash – a few necessary comforts that will make these dreary fall days much warmer. And the coq au vin will for sure be a kitchen display piece, that lid is so awesome!

I f I were the winner I would love to make a great pork roast in it. It is so beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!

Beef stew sounds great and would be great cooked in this Staub cookware!

I would love to make chinese char sui chicken & steam buns and stuffed pork eggplant with these incredible Staub cookware.

Well my daughter is getting married and I would love love love to give them to her. She is such a wonderful cook, baker and she would love to have them as well.

I would make Nigella’s Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic or Ina’s Beef Bourguignon to give guests a surprise when they grab the little rooster, lift the lid and look inside!

I would cook rabbit in all sorts of ways: à la moutarde, in wine wine, in beer, you name it: rabbit, lapin, coniglio… my favorite thing. Yum.

Mmm, what would I make? Definitely my mole-braised short ribs, but I can also imagine tamarind-chipotle brisket and a good ole mac and cheese.

I’d love to make some butter chicken in that pot!

chili, garlicky roasted chicken and some fried chicken for the skillet

Woooow, wow, how beautiful these are! I would be making my grandmas roast chicken, with liver, dill and bread stuffing! It’s heavenly!

Chicken in the big Pot, my kids love it and it’s so easy. I also would make ziti and lasagna..another family favorite!

Lots of great things to make in this! I would start with roast chicken. I never get tired of it and it’s easy and fun to make!

I love Staub and prefer them over Le Creuset hands down. My Staub are my every day go to cookware. If I won this I would make Coq au Vin! 🙂

roast chicken (obviously), chili, and some fried chicken in the skillet.

Such beautiful cookware!!
If I were to win, I would use it to cook all sorts of things, starting with TONS of chili to freeze for the winter.

I would make all of my Persian stews in these. The first Persian stew I would make is called Badamjoon and it is made with lamb, tomatoes, eggplant, and sour grapes.

I love the photographs, Karen! The chicken looks delicious with all those aromatic flavors.

I would make soup soup and more soup. Every Sunday I make a big pot of soup/stew or chili for my lunches for the upcoming week. I would love to prepare it with this amazing cookware.

I’d make chicken & dumplings and a beef stew that I my mom used to make my sister and I when we were younger.

I would make a beef stroganoff with a side of parmesan polenta! YUM!

I liked both on facebook as Dandi Daffyhill and I would try roasting a turkey.

Wow – this chicken recipe looks amazing! There are so many recipes I’d make – maybe a ratatouille or even a loaf of bread?

I remember making this recipe for my family when I was in high school and was in charge of cooking when my mom was traveling. I think everyone wrinkled their noses at the curdled milk but the chicken was extraodinary 🙂

mmmmm…too many choices. So hard to choose. But I would definitely try making the milk chicken, but maybe some garlic and roasted tomato soup, or some chili would be awesome

I would try this exact recipe–how interesting! I would then make a pot of chili.

I would make a huge pot of steamed clams with wine, garlic, and thyme!

What wouldn’t I make in this cookware! I’d probably start with Poblano and Corn Turkey Chili though.

Staub cookware makes quite a dinner
How I’d love to be the big winner
From veggies to meat
Fine recipes to eat
Sadly I’d ne’er be thinner!


Oh man, if I won I would make some pozole or some red stripe chicken. Something about yummy food being served in beautiful cookware makes my soul happy. Fingers crossed!

Oh wow! First thing I would make is this chicken recipe! Then I would make a skillet focaccia to go with it and maybe soup soup to start! Thanks! 🙂 That burnt orange color is divine!

I’d love to try the milk chicken recipe! I too am a sucker for any roasted chicken. And this Thanksgiving we’re going to try to confit a turkey, I would use the staub for that too!

I think I would make a roast chicken. Or a pot roast. Those pieces are so gorgeous! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

SOUPS SOUPS SOUPS. All day err’day. Also Mexican braised beef, bolognese sauce, chili, andddddd now I’m hungry.

I love Staub cookware. If I win, I’d make the Milk Chicken. Looks delicious.

I have been wanting a set of heavy ware! With the pieces I would make a northern Thai chicken curry, khao soi gai. I fell in love with my first time in Thailand while teaching English with my siblings. Every time we eat it there is an occasion to come together and spend time with each other. Also, thank you for introducing the idea of chicken with milk! Such an interesting and delicious sounding recipe also to be tried in the Staub ware 🙂

Gosh, winning these would be amazing! Cooking is my favorite creative expression. What wouldn’t I cook in these?! Can’t wait to experiment!

I would make Colombian Ajiaco, it’s a chicken soup from Bogota, where my parents spent much of their life. A cup of that and I’m home.

I’d make everything in this! And I’d start with this chicken. It is totally intriguing. It’s been my dream to own a Staub Dutch oven. They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

The hubby and I will totally be recreating our age-old family recipes for oven roasted jerk pork, rice & peas and fried plantain, Jamaican style! Gotta make the grandmas proud (and remind his mom her son is still eating well… 🙂 )!!!

Oh please let me win and I will fill one with Kabocha squash/coconut soup and the other with sourdough bread to dip in it!

If I won I think I’d finally make soups, starting with a Broccoli & Cheddar Biscuit Bake!

I bought all the ingredients to make the milk chicken today! So funny. I would most certainly do a cassoulet in my new cookware as well:) gorgeous colors!

I would make a fabulous Bœuf Bourguignon, but I’d be sure to double back and try out this milk chicken recipe.

I would make a fabulous roasted chicken jerk style. I’d serve it with a sweet potato mash and greens!
Thank you for the opportunity. I sure how I win!!

I’d make Butternut Squash soup and I’d love to try this milk chicken recipe!

I love chicken with lemon so this recipe would be a must-try. Although I do also love the other suggestion someone made of bologna sauce. So many possibilities! Thanks!!

my first recipe would probably be julia child’s beef borguignon. so good!

I’d take a Staub at some stews! (See what I did there? Yeah, okay, you do.)

I would make chicken rice (American translation for a Cantonese dish) and a lovely stew!

I have a stew recipe pinned to my recipe board on Pinterest that I’m going to try as soon as the weather cools off. It would be perfect in this pot!

I plan on making pumpkin and homemade sausage chili ! I can’t wait and don’t you just love Fall?!!!

A better question is, what wouldn’t I make with this?! I’ll probably make some ramen with a shoyu broth when it’s colder or maybe even a coconut curry soup with chicken. Love the look of Staub, so timeless.

What wouldn’t I make?! Pot roast, chili, tortilla soup…the possibilities are endless!!

Oh this looks incredible. Would love to try out this recipe as I am such a Jamie fan.
As I am very passionate cook and I am just about to take my food/cooking blog full time.
I would definitely make my mother’s coq au vin. A hearty winner full of soul.
Rosie x

How fantastic! I am a Facebook fan of both pages, and I would make my grandma’ famous chicken and dumplings! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
fairyfractal at gmail dot com

A recipe I have grown up with and shared with so many friends is my YiaYia’s Soutzoukakia (spiced Greek meatballs). It is definitely the one I would make in the Staub cookware! I have so many fun memories with this recipe and hope to have many more!

I would make this chicken if I won because oh my this looks crazy good! And soups, and bread pudding, and chicken and dumplings, and basically everything.

Roast chicken, pumpkin soup, beef stew, pork roast… the list goes on! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

Have to admit I’d echo many other people on this board and say I’d roast a chicken over root vegetables! Simple but great, especially in the fall (I have one cooking now as I type!).

HI. If I won this pot, I’d have to get an oven for it. I’ve been living without an oven for 2 years now. (My house’s 1964 oven bit the dust before I moved in and it’s on the to do list!) I just miss simple roast vegetables, so I’d put in potatoes, parsnips, onions, and carrots. mmm!

I would love to make a Pumpkin Bean Stew for the fall. I’m swept up in the Autumnal Pumpkin Craze along with everyone else this season!

I would make some nice gumbo—-chicken & rice casserole …so much to choose from.

I would love this set in red. I would make White Bean Chicken Chili, a chocolate pudding cake,and a steak.FOR STARTERS……

When I win this giveaway, I am going to use my new Staub cookware to take my Monday-night-soup-and-stew-night to the next level: white bean and chicken chili, Tunisian chickpea and lentil soup, Mediterranean fish and fennel stew. Please pick me!

I would definately make some delicious rabbit ragu! My mouth is watering already! How lovely is that rooster knob?!

I’ve always wanted a staub cocotte!! My first dish would be to braise chicken thighs in coconut milk with fennel and red potato!

I would most likely make my grandmother’s vegetable lasagna (in a smaller version for two), and also some Italian Wedding Soup. They taste the best when made in cast iron…

I ready for cold weather so I can make a big pot of pinto beans and cornbread.

I would make one of my favorite things to cook with it, a no bean texas-style chili with chorizo!

Oh, my goodness I gorgeous cookware. I would make Voq au Vin, white chicken chili, all kinds of soup, definitely try the Milk Chicken recipe…The possibilities are endless. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

I would love to win this as I have always dreamed of having a set of cookware just like this. It reminds me of the cookware that my Grandma brought back from Europe – she lived in France and Greece in the 50s (Airforce family). Unfortunately the lid of the big pot she used to cook with broke a few years back and was devastating as I had so many memories cooking homemade meals with her in that pot.

Anyhow, if I won, I would cook a traditional Greek kapama or braised cinnamon chicken dish and share it with her (she’s 96). It’s the second recipe listed on this page: And I would totally instagram that cookware all of the time. It is gorgeous!!!

I would make beef stew and roast chicken! These would be an amazing way to turn my little apartment into a real home!

Awesome giveaway! I’d make a bit pot of chili and some homemade cornbread! Fingers crossed!

I would make some delicious poulet rôti with potatoes inside as well! they would get nice and crispy in there! I hope I win!

Wow. I don’t eat meat but I would make a layered ratatouille in there! With thyme on top…mmm

Why lie? I don’t know the first thing about cooking, but my husband does and would love these <3 He works a full day and then cooks dinner for me, our daughter, and his mom every night…and never once has he complained about it.

Thank you for this post. I have been eyeing this recipe for months. I too default to my weekly roasted chicken, because the few other recipes I have tried do not give me the skin I love (and crave!). I would make oxtails with the larger pot, I would make chicken livers in the pan, and I would make…. pilaf in the smaller pot. And I would savor every minute of such a kind giveaway.



I’d love to make three things: 1). A nice hearty beef stew; 2). A thick and rich slow-cooked chili! ; 3). Whole roasted chicken. YUM!

I would create a nice pot roast with a ton of carrots! It’s simple, but there’s something great about a pot roast!

I’d make roast chicken, those Staub pieces are gorgeous!

Love that new burnt Orange color!! This chicken looks amazing, I would totally make this!

I’m gonna’ make my Mother some Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine.

I would make a braised balsamic chicken with swiss chard. Mmmm thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

I have always wanted to make Julia Child’s beef bourguignon and this cookware would be amazing!

A Sunday roast with carrots, onions, and potatoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

What wouldn’t I make! Stews, soups, skillet apple cobbler, eggs in purgatory….

Oh man, these are gorgeous. I would get right on making some osso buco, since I recently discovered how amazing it is. I’d also want to try making an upside down pizza in the fry pan; I’ve always wanted to make it but never had the proper pan!

If I win, I would make a nice beef stew first. So yummy and FALL.

I think I’d start with this chicken recipe! It sounds delish!!

This recipe sounds delicious… And how incredible is this giveaway!!!

I’m obsessed with these beautiful pots! I would make an Alaskan silver salmon Thai soup with fresh garlic, lime, ginger, cilantro in pot 1. Roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes in pot 2. Sautéed pears in brandied cream in pot 3. My mouth is watering!

I’d try the chicken first. Sounds delicious. LOVE THE BURNT ORANGE.

I would bake my homemade Sourdough Bread loaves!
Also Dutch babies and Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup.

If I were so lucky as to win; I would be frying chicken, making soups and stews … you know having a grand ole time. 🙂

I would definitely make a sweet potatoe stew in my new Staub USA cookware!

I would make some Cuban rice, Haitian stew chicken, and a side of fried sweet plantains.

Wow! I might just start with the milk chicken, sans the cinnamon. Or, maybe just a rib eye steak in the skillet. I haven’t been able to do that w/o a cast iron skillet. Lots of options!

I would make roast chicken, chicken noodle soup, some chili, and anything I can possibly think of on a college budget!

You had me at sage! I would make a pork roast, rubbed and stuffed with garlic and spices, nestled in the pot with onions, carrots and beer and lovingly topped with a bit of beer. Let it char, caramelize, and fall apart in the pot. And dig in for the next week!

Fall always brings back memories of days gone by. My southern grandmother made the most amazing conch chowder for the holidays. I’d love to continue the tradition.

I definitely need something to roast chicken in and make yummy stews before it gets to cold! But honestly, I’d have to make Coq Au Vin in the Coq Au Vin because that is just too awesome to pass up!

I would use the Staub Cocotte to make and serve a delicious lamb stew! Perfect combo for fall!

OMG this is an amazing giveaway. I LOVE STAUB. I’d probably make a rendition of this creamy chicken. There’s nothing better than creamy chicken with a hint of lemon zest and herbs. It’s da best. Liked everything on FB!

I would make pork shoulder ragu or turkey chili all winter long in this beautiful pot!

I’d make a yummy pot roast with potatoes and carrots! Or roast a chicken with lemons and beautiful herbs!

I would make my first ever Thanks Giving feast! I am super excited about celebrating my first Thanks Giving in the States and I cannot wait to cook up a storm, or at least attempt to. I have no doubt that the beautiful Staub cookware would transform the meal!

If I win this Staub cookware, I will make a “poulet basquaise”! My favorite southwestern French dish 🙂 yum yum

I have coveted this staub Dutch oven for a very long time. So many of my aunties meals were made in hers growing up and I would love to recreate her warm home cooking. Fingers crossed!!

There are so many gorgeous recipes on this website — this Milk Chicken one is really tempting. As it’s getting colder out, I see myself making an old stand-by: Potato-leek soup. It’s something that takes me back to my childhood — like a warm hug on a cold day.

I love Staub! I would make Bruce Aidells Pork Cheek Stew; perfect for fall.

eeek! These awesome Staub-wares would inspire us to get over our fears of cooking chicken and make Bubbie’s matzo ball soup with schmaltz from all the chickens we’d practice roasting. Oh, and braised short ribs, definitely short ribs.

Awesome giveaway, and how can I resist making this delicious-looking Milk Chicken recipe in it (should I be lucky enough to win)!!!

I would make absolutely everything. But first lentil stew. Good luck everyone!

I want, correction, need these pans!! Boyfriend and I love to cook! These pans would make a great addition in our kitchen!

Delectable chicken! I will have to try this.

I think the first thing I’d make in a new Staub pot would be baked beans using Rancho Gordo beans and lots of bacon and molasses. Mmmm! I’m craving it now that the weather is getting decidedly Fall-like in the northeast. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

My father in law died suddenly very recently. My mother in law made some commitments to her children (including my sweet husband) about improving her health so she can be with us a long time. If I win this cookware, I’m going to prepare mouthwatering but healthy dishes for her- braise some things, make a hearty stew & sauté fresh veggies.

Love+ quality ingredients + fabulous cookware = full tummy & healthy body.

When I win, I’ll be making cassoulet and Coq au Vin.

All the best,

Nannette Eaton

The burnt orange colored Staub are everything! I plan to make milk-braised turkey legs or attempt beef short ribs with fall root vegetables.

I’d like to cook some old family recipes in there, there’s a dry peanut hot sauce (great grandfather recipe) and the basics would taste even here, such as chicken with mole.

I would make the Campfire Pineapple Upside Down Cake you posted in September.

I’d definitely make a pernil (Cuban or Puerto Rican roast pork, depending on the recipe) in the Cocotte pan. ¡Delicioso!

I would love to make some no-knead bread, pumpkin soup or even that milk chicken recipe!

That is a beautiful set! I would braise meat all winter long and everything else would have a fried egg on it. 😉

It’s soup season, so I would make all kinds of from-scratch broth and long, slow-cooking soups and stews! These are beautiful!

I would love to make some all-day cooked down, super rich bolognese sauce. The 5.75 will be the perfect vessel!

I love your recipes and photos. I would try the milk chicken first. It looks delicious. Then I would try to make a beef stew equal to my mother’s. That has been impossible for many years!

This beautiful cookware would definitely call for Choucroute Garnis, cornbread, gumbo, and all sorts of other yummy, homey things!

xo, Em

I’ve got so many recipes I want to try, but my first would be the milk roast chicken featured in your blog today. It sounds wonderful–something new!

I’d make Osso Buco with a creamy mushroom risotto. Also biscuits and gravy. And maybe a cobbler or an apple crumble. Basically anything cozy and comforting that would fill up the family with goodness and love!

I would cook my old family recipe of Red Beans and Rice. And I’d cook everything else in it =)

Creamy Polenta with Mushrooms!!! this milk chicken looks deliscious too!

I would love to make my family’s pasta fagioli! Beautiful cookware.

I’ve been picking Chanterelle mushrooms lately and plan to for another month or so, so, this chicken recipe with mushrooms sounds like the way to go.

Jamaican Stew Peas – I’ve learnt everything I know about cooking from my Mum. We always cook together when we can. The set would be for her.

If I won the Staub USA giveaway – I’d have to Coq au Vin with freshly foraged chantrelles and thyme. For obvious reasons!

I’d have tot say definitely a roasted chicken and vegetables!

I am also a major chicken fan – Kellers recipe for whole roasted and my own for breasts. Id love to try this milk chicken in my new staub though!

How gorgeous! I would be flummoxed by all of the mouthwatering things I could cook in such an incredible piece of cookware. That being said, I think I’d break her in with some yummy stew 🙂

I would make everything. This would let me try new things in cooking which is the best prize.

Pot roast with roasted root vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes

I would definitely try that Milk Chicken recipe, that’s for sure!

I would use this several times a week, but today I’m dreaming of making French oven bread in this beauty!

I just made quick coq au vin and it was delicious, so if I win this, I’ll think I’ll try the traditional version!

I would make all kinds of things! I think I’d start out with a nice little pot roast.

I just love oven stewing. …these pans are great…..I will be happy to roast a chicken in one too.
I think I will start with this milk chicken recipe.

Chickens! Soups! Vegetables! These pots are too cute to not use for everything!

I’d make those stuffed roasted tomatoes that I saw on Staub’s Instagram. They look delicious.

I make everything in my Staub! Lots of one pot chicken dishes, frittatas, potatoes, soups. If I won, I would make Greek cinnamon chicken with San marzano tomatoes!

Hi! Thanks for posting this recipe and for making it look so easy to do! I’ve been really wanting a cast iron Dutch Oven, but had no idea what size to get. I’ve narrowed down my choices to getting Staub because of the rave durability reviews, the amazing colors, and the fact that they are beautiful both as cookware and serving dishes. If I were the lucky winner, I’d love to try braised chicken thighs with thai coconut curry. Makes me feel warm and cozy just thinking about it!

I would definitely do roast chicken or a beef stew… Really sky’s the limit!

I would make braised lamb shanks, or Lancashire hotpot, or Butternut squash, italian sausage and spinach soup, or pot roast or coq au vin or….the list goes on and on, I love braised foods, it is such a healthy way of cooking.

I’ve made chicken in milk before and it is delicious!! I used the Jamie Oliver recipe and was so happy with how it turned out. I might have to try this recipe to compare!!

I’d make some chicken veggie soup, some applesauce… so many things!

exactly that! A Roast Chicken!!! Been waiting on something like this!

Ahh such a beautiful chicken.
I would make coq au vin (or riesling).
Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Oh my god! I love the rooster handle. I would make no-knead bread and risotto!

I would definitely make my easy Brunswick stew. It’s one of my favorites.

Slow cooked and spicy chicken tortilla stew would be the first thing I make!

I think the question would be………….What wouldn’t I make in the Staub cookware?!!!

I always host thanksgiving at my place so I’d definitely be cooking a turkey dinner with the set!

This looks amazing! I have been wanting some Staub cookware for a while, and think I would start by making braised lamb shanks. I am not sure why, because I don’t think I’ve ever even eaten lamb shanks, but the idea has gotten stuck in my head. This chicken would be made soon after, though!

It’s my first time making Thanksgiving dinner all by myself and I could really use new cookware! I’ve decided to make beef tenderloin AND a turkey. Am I crazy? I want to try out my two protein recipes before the big day and hoping that u can use these new pieces. Thank you!

Staub products are so beautiful AND last a lifetime. There’s not much that you CAN’T cook in them, but if I won, I’d be cooking soup all winter long! 🙂

So many things to make, such little time! A nice hearty chili for starters!

I have been wanting to get one for a long time…just can’t decide which size or color. I would make burgundy beef.

Love these beautiful pans! I would use them to make a roast chicken or duck confit – yum!

I too would roast a small chicken or Cornish hen! Just looking at this has me excited for fall meals!

Such beautiful cookware! I’d love to make a one pot pasta or a roast chicken!

I would love to make a savory soup or some yummy chili in this beautiful pan. Love love love it!

Even before seeing that you were giving away an amazing Staub roast pan I took a picture of your post and sent it to my hubby said ‘I want a pan like this!’ lol. Roasted chicken is one of my all time faves, cooked right, there really is nothing better…the crispy skin? Give me ALL of it! Is I won one of these amazing pans I would definitely make a roasted chicken, and would try this milk chicken recipe, sounds super intriguing (and looks absolutely delish!)

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