Summer Crostini Party

July 21, 2014

Summer has been a little crazy ’round these parts. Let’s just say that it’s truly a season of celebration. I’ll explain more later, but for now you’ll have to trust me. Regardless, we thought it would be the perfect time to revist our ricotta crostini party – this time, spicing things up with an assortment of cheeses and more of our favorite seasonal toppings. Sadly, my nacho cheese and pickled jalapeno crostini didn’t make the cut! I guess I better stick to the cocktails. Hopefully our little summer crostini party inspires your inner party animal and gives you some creative ideas for your next gathering. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some eating to do . . .

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party by HonestlyYUM

Summer Crostini Party

  • Top Row: mashed english peas with mint, flake salt, olive oil and shaved parmesan; french feta with macerated bing cherries and lemon zest.
  • 2nd Row: blue cheese with prosciutto, black mission figs and balsamic vinegar glaze; avocado with chili flakes, lemon juice and olive oil.
  • 3rd Row: ricotta and shaved asparagus; burrata with grilled peaches and basil.
  • 4th Row: arugula pesto with cherry tomatoes and grated parmesan; goat cheese, marinated zucchini ribbons and grilled bi-color corn.
  • Bottom Row: ricotta with anchovy, shaved fennel and quail egg; gorgonzola walnut spread with pears, chives, toasted hazelnuts and honey.

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(images by HonestlyYUM)


This are the prettiest photos of crostini I’ve ever seen. Even more, crostini looks delicious.

It´s incredible, i’ll eat all crostini!! I like very much your receta as we say in spain. Regards!

Looks delicious! Great photography! I would love the burrata with grilled peaches and basil. Thanks for the great post!

Thanks so much Allison – means a lot. I think the peaches and the pears were my favorite. Good call!!

I adore crostini and think I’m just going to have to make every single one of these and devour in one sitting.

Amazing combinations

Sounds like a plan, Becks!! That’s pretty much what happened over here 🙂 I think the pear was my favorite.

you know why i love you guys? because you also like anchovies on toast!

HA!! Thanks Aida. That’s right we do 🙂 Although Erica stole all the anchovy ones. I didn’t even get ANY!!

Just, WOW. This is the coolest spread of crostini I have ever seen. And I’m Italian. All the combos are absolutely incredible! I am going to try them. The avocado one, or the fig one with balsamic sound too appealing.

Great job! <3

Wowza!! thanks you SO much Valentina!! That means the world coming from you. Not only are you Italian, but you take the most amazing photos!! Thanks for making my day. <3

Oh. my. goodness. I want all of these right now! Every combination is phenomenal — as are these fantastic photos. Love these so much!

These crostini look fantastic! I would be beyond happy to have a platter of any one of them — let alone ALL the different kinds. 🙂

your photography is ACES. Omg. they’re popping out on my computer screen! I’d take the anchovy one in a heartbeat.

This is really, REALLY unfair, to post something like this, so early in the day, so far from lunchtime! I’m now officially hungry and all of these would do fine, thank you. 🙂

wow. These all look fabulous. Especially the anchovy one. Yours sounds good, too!

I love all these and I would totally eat your nacho variety too while sipping an Honestlyp Yum cocktail.

i’m currently drooling.

i’ve been on the fancy toast boat, but these crostinis blow toasts out of the water! … that zucchini corn one looks amazing.

Thanks so much Jessica. What our some interesting fancy toasts you’ve tried recently? I saw a nutella one the other day that looked legit!

Oh this is making me so hungry. I was already regretting not adding feta to my cous cous salad for lunch and now it hurts! They all look so good, but the pear one speaks to me the most. I think I can hear it calling me to add cheese next time!

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