Yum, We Love the Fourth of July!

July 4, 2014

I am hunched over in the back corner of Peet’s Coffee here in Berkeley, sipping an almond milk cappuccino (whaaaat?) and I am overwhelmed with emotion. Perhaps I am excited about the holiday weekend – a chance to escape with my wife and Grizzly up to the tranquility of the Sierras. Or maybe it’s simply the gin martini I had for lunch. Probably both. Regardless, it’s sure to be a fabulous Fourth of July – full of food, drinks and family.

Speaking of the Fourth, what’s more American than apple pie? Why, berry pie of course!! I haven’t been able to take my eyes off Linda’s dreamy pie picnic all week.

the best berry pie | call me cupcake

  • There’s no doubt, Stephanie takes the prize for my favorite 4th of July themed recipe.
  • I like cookies, and I like thumbs, therefore . . .
  • I’d trade my almond milk cappuccino for one of these any day of the week!
  • My birthday already passed, but this would have been nice.
  • Forget the Sierras. Maybe I’ll give Grizzly a bath this weekend and head up to wine country.
  • Speaking of dogs . . . this would make the World Cup so much more exciting.
  • Don’t worry . . . no wait, WORRY!

Have a happy (and safe) Fourth!!

(image by Call me cupcake)


Ah! Thanks so much for the link love, Todd! Killer list as always. All over that almond milk bourbon punch!

Oh my gosh, after watching that Yoko Ono video, I need one of those almond milk bourbon drinks…heck, I’ll just go straight to bourbon, poured into my ears! Yikes!! :-[

Thanks for the mention Todd! Have a Happy 4th 🙂

I’ve been digging Macadamia nut cappuccinos lately. Nut milk is good. Happy 4th!!

hahahahaha how do i get in on this gin martini lunch?!?

happy fourth, todd!!!!!!

I just came across your blog on a friends’ recommendation, WOW such gorgeous photos and recipes, definitely going to be a regular 🙂

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