Against all odds, I believe I have actually lost weight during ice cream week here at YUM. That’s what I get for five days of hand-churning two dozen types of ice cream . . . I kid, I kid. Or possibly I just went a little overboard with the Thai iced tea. Regardless of my physical condition, I couldn’t help but top off the week with just a few more scoops.

  • I don’t know about you, but I like to eat my chocolate chip stuffed cinnamon rolls in ice cream form. Oh, and topped with vanilla bean brown butter sauce, of course.

Yum, We Love Ice Cream

  • This savory ice cream is naturally the next stage in my rapidly accelerating ice cream addiction.
  • No matter what you say, I will be eating this in a movie theater this weekend.
  • There’s no better ice cream topping than a good hot fudge sauce. You can quote me on that.
  • And remember, no matter what your age, or how many teeth you have, everything is better with ice cream.

Have a great weekend and stay cool.