I went up the street to the local produce market yesterday to pickup a little fresh mint. And by a little I mean, my hand-basket was overflowing. In fact, a woman tapped me on my shoulder and boasted, “You should have come to my house this morning – I must’ve thrown out at least that much mint. Maybe more. Mind if I ask what you’re doing with it all? Are you making iced tea?” I told her it was the Kentucky Derby, and that I was making mint juleps. Her face froze, as she suddenly realized just what a precious resource she had wasted. “Mind if I grab some of those from you?” I thought you’d never ask . . .

There aren’t many cocktails that hit the spot quite like the julep. A frosty, silver cup full of refreshingly sweet bourbon . . . it’s what dreams are made of. That is, if you’re like me and your dreams regularly involve whiskey in some way, shape, or form.

Julep Perfection by HonestlyYUM

Julep Perfection by HonestlyYUM

Mint Julep Popsicles
Note to self: Do not walk into the grocery store sipping on a mint julep. The security guard will probably start following you around, especially if you’re stuffing bottles of bourbon into your basket. Mint […]
Mint Julep
This iconic cocktail is so simple to make, yet there are a few tricks that will make your juleps a guaranteed winner.
  • And speaking of juleps . . .
  • And from now on, every cake should come with candied bacon on top.
  • Four words: strawberry, rosewater, cardamon, lassi.

Here’s to a fun, julep-filled weekend! Btw, I’ve been blasting out on Snapchat a bunch lately — feel free to follow along by adding us at HonestlyYUM.

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