It seems like just yesterday I was melting away down in Phoenix, slurping Italian ice as I watched the A’s for spring training. Now all of a sudden summer is upon us, and who would have thought the A’s have the best record in baseball?! Life is good. Speaking of life being good, how about this coconut guava agua fresca? The other day I was experimenting in the kitchen with some guavas I had picked up from Berkeley Bowl. Add a little lime, a little coconut and wow – I immediately knew I had to share.

Coconut Guava Agua Fresca from HonestlyYUM

  • Farewell rhubarb, it’s been real.
  • Now that’s a fancy sandwich.
  • Forget oatmeal, this is my kinda breakfast.
  • I don’t always tend bar, but when I do, I do this.

Happy solstice!!

(image by HonestlyYUM)