It's been ages since I made a cocktail on the blog . . . WTF is going on?!! It's not like I've been taking a break from drinking - far from it! In fact, I was recently on a Berkeley bar crawl, and had to pleasure of sipping one of the tastiest, most refreshing libations I've enjoyed in some time: the Yerba Buena, created by the talented Daniel Sheel of Tupper & Reed. more →
Anyone from the Bay Area can tell you that the fog is as much a part of daily life as the California sun, perhaps even more so. Born and raised here in Berkeley, I feel a particularly strong connection with the fog. Like an ocean wave it rolls over the coastal hills, across the bay, and engages all of my senses. Growing up, my friends and I used to explore the Berkeley paths, trying our best to get lost in the cool, dense fog. Countless times have been spent wandering the misty hills with my pup, and more recently exploring the Tilden Park trails with Fiona. more →
While I've never put a pear in my purse, nor my wife's purse for that matter, I have played an entire foosball game with a satsuma mandarin. Hold your questions, you'll just have to try it for yourself. more →
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